Every body wanna be a bodybuilder but dont no body want this 1-T/Tren, But I do!

  1. Lightbulb Every body wanna be a bodybuilder but dont no body want this 1-T/Tren, But I do!

    Just orderd My 1-T/Tren Tonight, I cant wait. Its like Cristmas eve and I 12 Yrs old and I been peeking at the gifts while mommy and daddy aint around. I ran Cyclo Bolan back in December for 4 weks and followed it PPs TRS for PCT, no complaints here. I think they are a good Company and I trust them to Run a cycle with out any testers. I Only order one Bottle becaus IM going to the Arnold Next weekend and I wanna grab some stuuf there, God willing. If things are going well Ill purchase a nother Bottle along with the TRS. I also Have a bottle of hemaguno I been squatin on, Might stack it or bridge it. Im open to suggestions. Ill do a log as well If people wont it, just hoalla at a brother. I gained 15 on my last cycle and kept 12, strength gain was bannas as well, but I can tell that Ive lost some but not much. Im realy looking to lean out and hardin up while on this cycle, Im Tierd of carrying this weight, I mean its cool and all being big( I mean thats what people say) Im not some freak by any means but Ive always been athletic (misspelled I Think) and being 5-10 225 to me is becoming a hassle. So I am going to try and cut real good while still trying to add some LBM. My bf is about 13% so Its onna be interresting. Well fellas Im open to suggestions. Im gonna post some pics this weekend to kick things off and well go from there. God bless all. Oh by the way, no hatters please. I am open to constructive criticism though. And again God Bless.

  2. Damn you scooped that quick.

  3. Yes sir, Early bird gets the worm, and a nice set of wash board abs.

  4. u can get injectable tren for that price. but im interested in feedback on this product

  5. Yeah, but im good on injectebles. I dont knock no one that does it, but it aint for me. The price is a little salty, so I orderd one bottle and if its doing well ill order a nother and overnight it so I wont have a gap. I useually only do four week cycles anyway. I cant have the boys shut down that long, my wife wont have it. plus i have two daughters age 2 and 6 and that get me aggitated with just being busy kids, I dont want to be snappin because im doing a cycle of ph. I mean it aint no Chris ban***( the wwe wrestler, I dont know how to spell his last name) and it was more to that story anyway, but you know what I mean.
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  6. I will be running a detailed log on this, my start date will be the 9th of this month. I figure it wont arrive until next thu-Fri, and Im going to the arnold that weekend (god willing). I am going to post some pics this weekend a week out from beggining, then its on with the show.

  7. def. subbing this one bro!
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  8. I'm in as well.

    Good luck with this NattyT, and thanks for doing a log!

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  9. in for this one

  10. i'm in too
    interesting in the results of 1-T

    what is you diet now and what will your diet be on cycle?
    what is your training like now and how will it be on cycle?
    please be honest.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bslick69b View Post
    def. subbing this one bro!
    Thanks slick I cant wait.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Trauma1 View Post
    I'm in as well.

    Good luck with this NattyT, and thanks for doing a log!
    No problem Trauma, Im geeked.
  13. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by NattyT View Post
    Thanks slick I cant wait.
    your welcome my friend!..i know everyone will be watching this!..rock on natty t!
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by ibanezman08 View Post
    i'm in too
    interesting in the results of 1-T

    what is you diet now and what will your diet be on cycle?
    what is your training like now and how will it be on cycle?
    please be honest.
    Thanks Bro. Basically Im going to Stick to Chicken, turkey, salmon, and talapia for my meat source. I love steak, im a ribey guy but im looking to realy lean out on this. I ran a cycle of Infinite labs Cyclo Bolan about 3 months ago and I had great result, I have about 5 guys at my gym on it right now. I gained 16 pounds while on that stuff on a 4 week cycle. I have maintained 12 of that so it was legit. Im 5"10 and Im weighing in at 224 right now at about 11% bf I dont like my mobility right now, ive always been athletic and I couldnt even hit a 3 right now just because im tight and stiff. I like the body building look, People always comment about your size and stuff, but Im looking for the athletic look now so I belive this new 1t/tren will help me. I still wouldnt mind adding 5-8 pounds of good lean muscle and droping my weight down to 212-215 range. Im cycleing my carbs for two days out the week high and the rest will be pretty low. My high days will useually be on leg day and after leg day since its useually the most demanding. I dont drink anypop or things like that 100% fruit juice and water, 2% milk in protein shakes Carb sources will be from white potatoes, yams and rice(brown and white) I like to chope my potatoes in squares and coat them in about 2tble spoons of olive oil I then use Mrs Dash and sea salt and Cayenne pepper and season them in a bowl. I tose them in the oven and eat them like that. I have a ton of diffrent recipes. And Ill be loging them. Im gonna post some pics after I get back from the Arnold this weekend. Im a dedicated lifter who dosent like to play around. this is my only hoby, and I take it serious. My wife use to hate It, I was so dedicated to it, so you wont be disaponted. Im no newb. When I walk in my gym eyes are on me, Not that Im a freak or anything. People often comment on my size and ask do I train people. Im not cocky either, I understand that its by the Grace of god I can even do this or anything for that matter. For me working out ties in with my spiritual walk as well. I wont to be strong in my faith and my body. Anyhow I wont disapoint I might throw some video in at the end If I break any Prs but since iM realy trying to recomp I dont know. That would be tight, breaking PRs while recomping,will see. Thanks guys.

  15. I ll be following.. Best of luck

  16. Partial Coleman quote reps


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