where on the plunger do i measure from?

  1. where on the plunger do i measure from?

    well i bought a oral syringe from right aid it's 10ml one, and i need to take .5ml of oral dosage, and it's gonna be hard to get 2.5 lines on the gague it has, but where on the plunger do i use to measure from? the top of the black rubber seal , bottom? or top of the dome?? and if there is a easier way of measureing .5ML or you guys know of a better oral syringe that measure in .5ml let me know thanks!.

  2. when you withdraw something into a syringe, you measure from the bottom of the rubber....there should be a droop of the oil/water/liquid, making a little U shape...right below where the rubber lies. i swear i knew the name of what that sum of a batch was called but its been a few years since my last chem course. and if you're measuring out only 1/2 mL into a 10mL syringe..... i would look for a smaller syringe bro

  3. Get a slin pin or a 3 mL to measure that amount...

    Sage...it's called the meniscus.


  4. thanks you guys, chemo would you happen to know a place online i can get a 3ml syringe?, mind you this is for oral consumption, but if it has to be with a needle i guess i can just inject it into gel caps =D once again thanks bros

  5. Go to http://getpinz.com and order the ones without needles.




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