currently at about 165lbs im looking to cut some fat and gein 5-10lbs of lean muscle...ordered my epi and h-drol and have been getting my diet in check and cardio in check two weeks before...what are some ways i should run this cycle? i have looked and searched high and low but have had a hard time finding this...i know its two methyls in one but i am not a beginner and understand the risks...all i would like to know is some dossage advice and when and how much of it to take to see decent geins...dont aspire to be massive i wouldnt mind staying165 as long as i was more defined....help guys!!!!

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    come on guys please help em with some ideas on dosages..ive heard to amp up epi at the start...

  3. if i were in your shoes and i decided to use ph at 165 pounds, i would do hdrol first maybe 4-5 weeks and then do epi for 4 weeks, but since it would be my first cycle and i would only be 165 pounds, i would maybe run epi or hdrol alone to start out.

  4. ive ran some Ph's Before, and some gear a yr back....so im not new to it, i am just not familiar with the results these two would have being designer products and not PH....any ideas on the dosage per day per week....and your saying i should run h-drol first then epi? 4 weeks of h-drol then 4 of epi

  5. yeah i was going to do what your talking about. I was going to run 50/75/75/75 of hdrol then like 0/0/20/30/?30?40/30?40?/ of epi depending on how it went.

  6. I don't understand the stacking/bridging of these two compounds as they are very similar and you could probably get the same results from just running one solo at a higher dosage. I also don't like the idea of a >6 week methyl run so bridging the two would be hard given my stance that the best way to run hdrol is 6 weeks.

    which ph/DS's have you run in the past?

  7. methyl 1d twice...deca durabolin "real"...testanate 50 till banned .....ive just heard good things about using epi then running the h-drol to help cut and make some good lean muscle...as i said im not looking for 20lbs just 5-10 that i can gein and cut lean and maybe be at175 max...i like staying thin and cut but still have some bulk...all the previous i was taking during college sports...but im done now and am looking to hit this hard and see what it does...so any ideas as far as how high to amp the dosage the first week then how to continue?? and when to use the h-drol and how high dosage for that, because i have heard you should amp the dosage up the first three days relatively high...

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  9. just research the boards, because information is everywhere, but honestly nobody truly knows what they hell they are talking about, everything is an opinion, so just the best thing is trial and error, learn your body.


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