3-AD class 1 or class 2?

  1. sizematters10
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    3-AD class 1 or class 2?

    What is 3-AD categorized as...just wondering? Wondering if it would be advantageous to add to my furazadrol and epistane stack. I'm thinkin i might just buy some for the future, but not sure as to what to stack it with. And also any comments regarding results would be cool. thanks peeps

  2. tattoopierced1
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    what do you mean "classed as"?

  3. sizematters10
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    as in binding to the androgen receptor or not (class 1:yes, class 2: no) or am i mixed up with this concept...ahh need help im confused

  4. No such thing. That theory is bunk.

    In any case, 3AD would be classified as a very weak androgen with slight glucocorticoid modulation properties. So, minimal anabolism, aome degree of anticatabolism.
  5. sizematters10
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