Upcoming Cycle

  1. Upcoming Cycle

    Hey guys, I'm a long time member but this is my first post. I'm planning on running a cycle here in the next month or so. I want to run Mega-Trn stacked with EPI. My hopes are that this will help me lean up nicely while making some good strength gains.

    10 years lifting

    EST Methyl E 4 weeks
    H-drol and Mega Zol 4 weeks
    Superdrol NG 4 weeks

    I've got a few questions about this cycle and although I've done researched and gotten some answers I wanted to ask for myself. I've read that Clomid is the best for a SERM with Mega-Trn, if this is true then I'll get clomid but I do prefer Tormifene. Any problems with that over clomid? Also I was going to get some p-5-p and vitex just in case. You guys think I should run this through my cycle and PCT or should I just have it on hand in case? Will these even be necessary if I have EPI in my stack? I'm thinking that the EPI may be able to control the estrogen for me. Other than that my plan is to run the cycle like this

    preload 2 weeks with Life Support and run throughout cycle and PCT

    Mega-trn 2-4,4,6,6
    EPI 30,30,30,30

    Torm 120, 90, 60, 30
    PC support x, x, 4ed,4ed,4ed
    And some cortisol blocker

    Thanks for all your help guys.


  2. so methyl e, mage zol (?), hdrol, and mega trn all at once?

    torem is fine for PCT

  3. No, those are my past cycles. This cycle will be EPI and Mega-Trn.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Troy1982 View Post
    No, those are my past cycles. This cycle will be EPI and Mega-Trn.
    ah ha. well in that case then everything looks fine

  5. Any suggestions on the p-5-p and vitex?

  6. So run the p-5-p and vitex or just keep it on hand or just one run one?

  7. How was the Methyl E run for you ?

  8. I didn't get much from it, I'm hoping the EPI will be better.


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