Jump Starting with HDROL

  1. Jump Starting with HDROL

    Well I am 2 weeks into a Test/Deca cycle and jump started with H-drol. Now I posted a while ago seeing what people said about jumping with H-drol but everyone said it's way to mild and that i shold jump with pplex or mdrol... Now I dont know who all messed with all three but I did mdrol before and loved it.. But so far the gains I got off the hdrol is amazing. I know that test and deca take awhile to kick in but the gains i started offf with was amazing..in 11 days I started with gaining 14lbs. I gained really fast and my strength is going crazy... I can't wait to get the test and deca to kick in.. but anyways... if anyone has any ?'s about hdrol I do not agree with everyone saying it's mild. everyone says to run about 75mg - 100mg and well i ran 3 weeks at 75 mg and it is by far better than mdrol... there is no way this compound is mild..


  2. h-drol is a very potent DS. Ive also had better gains in the past with it than i had with mdrol/superdrol. The only oral ive ever experienced better gains with was M1T, which was far more toxic.

  3. hell yea kick start with H-drol. i know plenty of juicers buddies who swear by h-drol to kick start. and i think they only run around 50mgs maybe 75. no need to go higher , by then the test will be kicking in(hopefully) and you can blast from there. although i know Pplex would also be bomb, the sides VS the 2, id take H-drol

  4. Thanks a lot guys.. when i first posted, so many guys said it was too mild.. guess after all only users of the substance would know.. my one buddy who is a juicer loves halodrol.. his favorite was the promagnum which they dont make anymore.. but yeah thanks for the input.. any others?
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    h-roid is supposed to be a clone of promagnon

  6. I thought h-drol wasn't a good jumpstart because it takes too long to kick in? I actually considered jumpstarting my next cycle with h-drol, but decided not to because of this info.

    Hopefully some vets will chime in here to straighten this out.



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