Vote your Top 5 and bottom 5

  1. Vote your Top 5 and bottom 5

    Hey guys,

    I did this on another forum and it was fun to see the results. What would you say are your top 5 choices of gear and what would you say are your bottom 5 when it comes to comparing safe/sides/results??

  2. AAS or OTC supps?

    and i hope ppl who answer this are at least mid 30's. 10 different hormones is a lot

  3. Top 5:

    Test E
    Test C

  4. I've only tried 2, lol, so...
    Top 1: Super (Straight, dry, mass+strength. Minimal sides.)
    Bottom 1: Phera (I like it, but lethargy is worse than Super. And minor shedding.)

  5. top
    1 spawn (only real cycle i have had)

    1 methyl 1-d
    2 pheravol
    both were an absolute waist of $

  6. What is Super?

  7. I can only speak to what I've actually done.
    Top: SUS500 by G.E.T. -solid gains in strength & size, both stayed w/ me off cycle
    (some sides however, acne (im 41); a little hair loss, back &
    calf pumps, and temporary nut shrinkage.

    Ive done cycles of TREN250 by G.E.T. and Trenabolen, both have been fairly mild as far as the sides. Though I've recently posted about concerns that the TREN250 may be causing me to have frothy urine recently, which is a little alarming. The gains have been more modest with the TREN250 and Trenbolen, but I've used both on a cutting cycle rather than a bulk like I did with the SUS500.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by littlebigman7 View Post
    What is Super?
    You don't get out much, huh?

  9. littlebigman7 how old are you?

  10. Top

    1. Fina - Amazing!
    2. EQ - Gain weight fast...somehow...
    3. REAL Superdrol (from AX) - Nothing orally ever came close
    4. Winny (only with fina) - Sides suck but its a great tightener
    5. Dbol - For a bulk only
    6. Sarm S-4 - Great TRUE Bridge aka cruising here i guess


    1. Havoc/Epistane - zilch zero nada
    2. M-drol - see above haha
    3. Test - maybe an initial couple pounds then nothing else
    4. Deca - I seriously think it was fake... that bad
    5. Anavar - WHY??? why waste the money
    6. Turanibol - Same as above, just not worth it



    1. PGCL - sure its just cosmetic but WOW its great for peaking
    2. DNP - Jump start or below 7% only

    Bottom others:

    1. pMGF - nada
    2. igf - nada

    Those are MY choices for my body. Not suggesting that its the same for others.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    littlebigman7 how old are you?
    34....however i have been out of the AAS and PH scene for a while now and have not kept up on it much.


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