Spot injecting M 1T

  1. Spot injecting M 1T

    I have been toying around with this idea, since bulk powder can be found for pretty cheap now. I became very lethargic off of 20mgs ed, and i think optimally at my bodyweight I would need 30-40mgs ed to get the best results, but I could not tolerate the lethargy. I am a firm believer from first hand experience that spot injecting unesterfied steroids or even short ester steroids do work for spot growth. I know sledge said he was able to get it in 20mg/ml in oil, which is enough for me. Im thinking maybe 5-10mgs ed rotated between bis and tris. Thoughts?


  2. Oh, yeah I like the idea of it, and I agree with the results from spot injecting short or non ester products. But you will still fell lethargic with it.Did you try injectable B12 while using it. I have a friend who is testing my M1T right now, and we had to give him B12, which along with the 4ad has been working great. Or now that I have the 4 ad prop done, you could do a 225-250mg/ml blend of 200mg of 4AD prop with 25-50mg of M1T. Maybe I have a new test product for you. What do you think?

  3. Oooh that sounds nice. I think B12 may help too.

  4. Sldge-I have some of your cyp/prop combo. I think I got it from you about a month and a half ago. Anyway, it was all you had left from your beta batch. I just wanted to make sure it was 400mg/ml. That should help with lethargy from M-1-T?

  5. yeah it was 400mg/ml, and I definetly think it helps with the lethargy.
    Pro, I have a friend now who is using 30mg M1T per day along with around 2000mg of the 4ad blend per week with 1cc B12 per day, and he isnt having a problem with the lethargy.
    So if you used say 1000mg of 4 ad prop with 20-30mg of M1t and 1-2ml of B12 you may be fine.


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