PEG-400 or PG for M1t powder??

  1. PEG-400 or PG for M1t powder??

    since m1t is a steroid i'll post it in here... i'm ordering m1t powder from 1fast400, and wanted to know which would be better to disolve it in, PEG-400 or normal PG from, and would 16oz of the solution be enough to last me along time =D since i'm just gonna make 50 ML vials. thanks.

  2. It definitely dissolves completely in PG. Also will dissolve completely in Everclear.

    16oz isn't much, unless you're only making a few 50ml vials. What's 16oz? Something just under 500ml, I think.

  3. it's like 472ml or something like that, ya i'm only making a few, and i can't get everclear here in WA, so i'll just order some PG from lemelange. but is there significant difference in normal PG or the PEG-400 they sell? except in price hehe. thanks

  4. PG is a diol with the chemical name 1,2-propanediol.

    PEG-400 is a polymer chain with average weight of 400 that has an alcohol on EACH carbon.


  5. PG is your best bet, better tasting the peg IMO.

  6. Yes and no.

    PG has decent polar properties which is NOT ideal for most base modifications since they are in essence oil soluble (at least more so than water). It does however have hydrogen bonding potential which is GREAT for prohormones or diols (such as 4-AD, 4-OHT, etc).

    PEG-400, on the other hand, has GREATER hydrogen bonding potential and is also non-polar...IDEAL for most base modifications and diols.


  7. You're thinking in 2-dimensions. Remember, molecules are actually 3 dimensional and have rotational conformations. The dipole-dipole moments you are referring to is indeed present with PEG-400 but the more important determination of solvent suitability is the MOLECULAR DIPOLE.


  8. thanks everyone for your help !

  9. Ive been kinda slammed lately with Finals and work so I guess I missed it but since when has 1fast started selling M1T raws, and wheres it at on the site. Im kinda interested in picking some up in powder form and wouldnt mind trying to place a bulk order if anyones interested in a group buy.

    Or better yet how bout someone PM me and point me in a better direction.


  10. Said you have to phone in to order it.


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