Time to cut... when can i start?

  1. Time to cut... when can i start?

    I'm three weeks into my xtreme tren pct. I made some gains but put on some noticeable fat. When can i start cutting with out the risk of muscle loss?

  2. 2-3 weeks past ur PCT should be fine

  3. just out of curiousity did you check your bf% before you started?

  4. no. before the cycle i had visible abs and now the top two sorta peek through.

  5. so how much gains have you had so far off the tren extreme?

  6. I had 18lbs of gains from T-Roid. My Abs are still visable and BF is up 1%. I am starting my PCT tomorrow.

  7. so what are you using to Cut?

  8. right now i'm just going to cut carbs but in 3 or 4 weeks it will be animal cuts

  9. man i have been using the acl AH-89 and hmg stack for my cutting cycle and it has worked wonders.


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