So for my next cycle Im looking at 10-12 weeks. Im trying to decide to do 400-500 EW of Test or 200-250 of Test and Deca stacked. I ended my first AAS cycle about 8 weeks ago. I only ran 250 of test cyp EW for 12 weeks. I didnt make any huge gains but It helped me train alot harder than I would have been able to do with out it.

As my history Ive been back to working out for about 5 months and have lost just over 30 pounds. Im looking at continuing to loose weight but want to retain if not put on some decent muscle mass while doing it. Ive been lifting since I was 13 and off completely prior to 5 months ago after hurting my back for about a year and a half.

Maybe its just me and Im sure its alot of us that get this problem but even though I do like seeing more definition in my torso and less of a gut ( which is where I carry about 75% of my extra weight) I feel like my arms and legs are starting to loose mass compared to what the rest of my body looks likd

If anyone has any suggestions besides Deca Im more than willing to listen. I have a few bad joints so I dont want to do Winny and I dont think Im ready to deal with the sides from Tren