Can I make a transdermal out of 4AD caps? Binder & fillers??

  1. Can I make a transdermal out of 4AD caps? Binder & fillers??


    I've bought some HIgher Power brand 4AD caps. However, as oral delivery sucks I was thinking about emptying the caps in a homebrew transdermal solution. Do you think I can do this or will binders and fillers which may come inside the caps be a problem?
    How much mg of prohormone should I use for every cc of solution?


  2. I would just buy some 4-ad powder, you dont want fillers going through your skin. 4-ad is only $1 or less per gram

  3. you can dissolve the prohormone in alcohol, let the fillers percipitate then filter the fillers. let the alcohol dry and u will get pure 4-ad powedr.........but its waste of time
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  4. The problem is that I already have the capsules and I think that taking them orally will be quite a waste. However, do you think that they might not contain any fillers and contain pure 4AD? how can I know?
    this is higher power brand and there are 300mg 4AD per capsule so I suppose there's not much room left for binders&fillers.

  5. Just buy the powder...the cost in alcohol alone will exceed the actual cost of pure raw powders. Smarter...not harder.




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