question about recovery and hormones

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    hey im fairly new to the board it is a great board
    i have question though I know you guys can probably answer
    i dont really want to do a stack or alot of AAS's what would be the best AAS to use to recover i want to do most of the work just i seem to get overtrain all the time and have to wait sometimes three days before i trian again I work in a feed wharehouse and am constantly stocking pulling a ton or two around on my pallet jack stocking the shelfs it is ruff and i train on top of that so this could be the problem i eat about 8000 calories a day and take my supplement i have done a wide array of prohormones and a couple of cycles of fina any advice would be apreciated also i hear that winny is a good recovery agent

  2. Bro, you can only work out as hard/often as your recovery abilities allow. It sounds like your job is physically demanding, that plus your workouts would prolly make recovery hard. I don't think that drugs will do a whole lot in terms of recovery. But a good clean diet and plenty of rest will.

  3. sikdogg thanks man that is kinda what i thought also

  4. 8k cals? I doubt that, post up that 8k cal diet

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