Epi/Tren question

  1. Epi/Tren question

    are the gains made on an epi/xtreme tren cycle compared to an epi only cycle worth the extra risk?


  2. Im just about done week 2 of my epi cycle, and Im curious about bridging it to another compound like tren/pp/hdrol for an extra 2 weeks. Obviously id be able to get some more gains but is it worth taxin my liver for the extra 2 weeks?

    any input/suggestions?


  3. Do it.. I am bridging epi with tren. Just make sure you have the support supps and good PCT ready. Id worry more about getting gyno than the taxin on my liver but thats just me. I dont drink and take lot sof milk thistle so hopefully my liver will be OK.

  4. why tren and not something like hdrol or pp? wouldnt pplex work well since its a "wet" compound? mixing a dry (epi) and a wet? Whats up with tren anyways? i hear its pretty strong... what can it be compared to?



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