Cycle Advice -- Need Opinions

  1. Cycle Advice -- Need Opinions

    Alright guys I am just planning out a cycle for a friend that wants to run before summer to cut up fairly well.

    His stats:
    35 yrs old
    BF% - 13 to 15
    Has done many previous cycles, around 6.
    He has used Tren, Sustanon, Anadrol, Enth, Cyp, Andropen, Clen, probably many more.

    What I have in mind is
    Test Prop.
    Tren Ace
    Winstrol Injectable
    or Ephedrine?

    Can anybody write me up something that would suit his needs? He's looking to trim right out to a nice beach body.
    I'm not familiar with some of these products dosing so I don't know how the dosages should be with the Masteron/Tren/Winny Injectable.

    His PCT would be Clomid/Nolva

  2. Prop 100mg eod 1-12
    Tren Ace 100mg eod 1-6

    Mast 100mg eod 7-12
    Winstrol 50mg ed 7-12

    diet must be spot on. if it is then this should be a kickass cycle

  3. I always like what Nos has to say. It's all going to be mostly dependent on diet though... i would like to throw clen in there, but people say not to mix tren and clen. I looked it up and their reasoning has to do with blood pressure but most people shouldn't have this problem.

    I don't want to diss your friend but i'm surprised he has done steroids with his stats. I know someone who is 6'7 and he is 245 pounds maybe 15% bodyfat and he doesn't even lift, nor does he have an athletic build at all. After lifting and doing 6 or more REAL cycles, I just expected a lot more... someone who's 6'7 should be over 300 pounds easily. The way mass scales with height is better approximated by an exponential curve than a linear one, by the time you hit 6'7... You get the point.
    To me it all begs the quesiton, how the **** does this guy train and does he really need to do this cycle...

  4. Well, he trains hard he just doesn't want to be much bigger. He has a good build and wants to stay around the same weight or maybe add 10 lbs of muscle and drop 2-4% bodyfat.

    He will be putting alot of effort into this upcoming cycle. some of them before he didn't take too seriously because of his job and he lived a nice party lifestyle but lately everything is spot on for him..
    ohh yeah and he's actually 279.3 on the scale at the gym today..

    but i know what your sayin Unreal...

    thanks for the advice too Nos..

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