my 1st Test E cycle

  1. my 1st Test E cycle

    I'm 23 year old and i have started my first cycle yesterday.
    Actually i have done one cycle previously (2-3 years ago) but it was dianabol only 4 weeks @20mgs, and have had nice results.
    Here are my stats:

    training - 4 years (mostly 3 months on , 3 off, etc.), anabolics research and education 2-3 years

    height - 178 cm
    weight - 74 kg
    bodyfat - around 17%

    i know most of you will say i could still go naturally, but i have suboptimal testosterone level.
    it was hard decision to inject because i have needle fear, but i did it.

    anyway i've started 250mg Testosterone enanthate yesterday, and i have 20tabs of Anadrol50 , and a bit of dbols as well, so maybe i will kick start my cycle...
    i have Nolvadex on hand as well, and my PCT will be:
    Nolvadex, Clomiphene and a bit of tribulus.

    as for now:

    1-10 - testosterone enanthate @250-300mg week.
    maybe its best to keep it simple (T only) and keep good carbs and fats intake.

    i will try to keep my protein intake as high as i can (around 3-3.5grams / kg = 200-230grams)
    supplements: will get some whey protein, Ca Mag Zinc, Multivit, and maybe fish oil).

    all advices about cycle (not about decision) are welcome.


  2. If you truly have low test levels, by running a cycle you run the risk of jeopordizing what valuable endogneous production you do have. It likely could fall off even further. Maybe a more practical HRT like dosing schedule would benefit you better in the long term.


  3. my testosterone level is normal it is just a little closer to lower range 500 ng/dl (300-1000)


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