Super D Hardcore by Synthic Science Labs

  1. Super D Hardcore by Synthic Science Labs

    I just bought a superdrol clone called Super d2 hardcore. I was wondering if anyone has taken this or has any advice or feedback on this substance, cause i cant find any info online about it.
    It contains 2a,17a,-dimethyl-5a-androst-3-one,17b-ol

  2. bumpppp
    any feedback would be greatly appreciated

  3. its probably new and/or only distributed in ur area. ive never heard of it

  4. If any one else knows anything about this PH I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. I recently picked up a bottle of SUper-D2 Hardcor.. I am going to stack it with Tren Extreme 2 by the same company Synthetic Science Labs... My stack/cycle is..

    Tren Extreme 6 weeks
    50mg per pill
    1 Cap AM/ 1 CaP PM (100mg a day for 6 weeks)

    Super-D2 4 weeks
    15mg per pill
    1 Cap AM/ 1 Cap PM (30mg a day for 4 weeks)

    1 Cap AM/ 2 Caps PM

    I dont start my cycle until May 24 so once i begin i will keep you posted..

    I ran the Tren Extreme by itself for 4 weeks and PCT with Reversitol (currently) and had awesome gains from 175 to 195... Right now Im finishing my first week of PCT and still have the same strength and weight...



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