4OHT standalone results

  1. 4OHT standalone results

    Has anyone did a cycle of the above compound by itself or with 4ad? I did a search here and a couple other places and the results were mixed, also its kindof difficult to compare 4OHT since the exposure of many to this compound was the legals LGPs transdermal.

    I'd like to get some feedback as to the results/shutdown vs 4ad.

  2. I just finished a 6-week cycle of OHT/4AD/1-test. I added OHT to T-1 final, so I had 5g 4AD, 5g 1-t, & 4g OHT in 8oz BDC gel. I think LGP is 6g 4AD & 4g 1-t, but it's almost the same. I was taking 3 squirts/day for 4 weeks. I added m1t & dropped it to 2 squirts for weeks 5-6.

    I think the OHT definitely helped with shutdown, water retention, & sides. I normally lose my libido after 3 weeks, but kept it until week 5 when I added M1t. I am sure I woul've kept it if not for the M1t. I also got less zits/oily skin than with just 1t/4ad. I got slightly better gains with a 1t/4ad stack, I'm not sure how anabolic OHT really is. I think the trade-off is worth it to have clear skin & a functioing libido. In the future I will use 6g 1-t, 6-g 4ad, & 3g OHT & up it to 4 squirts.

  3. Thanks, I'm mulling stocking up on 4OHT powder vs the methylated stuff. Can't quite make up my mind.

  4. I have 5 bottles of M1t, & I also plan to stock up on OHT powder in the next few days. I am going to mix up some transdermal 4ad with a few grams of OHT to stack with the M1t. OHT powder is just so expensive.

  5. PN is selling OHT for $7, legal used to sell it for $6.

  6. Not trying to get in a piss contest, 1fast has it for $6 a gram, but, if your a devoted member of AM, you should buy from PN and support the site.

  7. No problem, I just found out myself after browsing Mikes page.


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