1. methyl-5aa

    how harsh do u think this will be? expecially to someone with eperience with 100mgs of winny

  2. harsh on what hairline? it will definetly give better strength and more muscle hardness then 100mg of winny.

  3. wow thats awesome designer essentialy this is converting into methyl-dht which will probably be pretty nasty for agression strength and hairloss, if Im not mistaken.

  4. Ill be hitting some of Designer's m 5-aa up soon, ill report feedback here.

  5. Me too.

  6. soon as i reciebve its on gonna run 10/10 with m-1-t

  7. Better not Be for 26 More Days!!! On PCT Now.

  8. seems like it would be aweful harsh to me, methly DHT basically. I may be surprised though, just have to wait and see IMO. Time will tell

  9. gonna be

  10. if you dont have problems with MBP what other threats could methyl-dht casue? Other than the regular androgenic sides?

  11. that is basically the biggest issue, hairloss. but if you take precautions like using topical spiro, you can probably min if not stop the hairloss. Also I wouldnt use it everyday for 8 weeks staright either. I think it will be best used during specific times of training or dieting, or during peroids of stress. This way you can minimize the sides and max the gains. As well as stacking it with a something really anabolic that may have some estrogen sides, like 4ad, M4AD or M1,4ADD. You could keep estrogen lower with it, while adding a nice anabolic with something that will bind really well.
    Prolangtum, sorry it is taking so long to get you your sample bro, I am working on it.

  12. eta of m-oht?

  13. our arsenal grows strong....

  14. probably some time after the new year. I want to make sure that the M4OHN and M14ADD are done first.


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