Just some thoughts on AAS. Join in...

  1. Just some thoughts on AAS. Join in...

    Hey guys,

    After doing some more reading about AAS (I have also dabbled in the DS orals currently widely available) I did some soul-searching. No flames please, because I am fine with anyone's thoughts on usage and in fact want to hear about your own philosophy on training etc as it relates to AAS (hence I'm posting in this forum). Obviously most AAS questions are more the how, what, when kind than the why kind. I'm just curious what made you want to start them. I'll start off. And no, this is not an anti-AAS rant. I'm just curious and kind of introspective at the same time.

    Basically, I have no qualms with anyone using AAS; I actually take the line that any technological/pharmaceutical advancement should be utilized to the fullest extent by anyone who chooses so, as long as they don't harm others or violate the god-given rights of others. I'm a libertarian. As for my own personal choices, and the "whats" of my AAS use, I will just say that they are intriguing and I believe I have the self-control not to abuse them. Like sex, gambling, or recreational drugs it's very clear that AAS have abuse potential or just plain carelessness potential, but the community here is as a whole pretty smart and thoughtful about that. I am limiting myself to about 2 oral cycles per calendar year at most because of the toxicity issues and also just because I think I can reach my goals just fine that way.

    So why orals? Honestly, the legality. Since it's a felony to possess AAS without a prescription, I am just not into that scene. I know there are safer, grey-market ways that we don't go into detail on here, but I went through a phase with rec. drugs in my life that would have me doing about 20 years in prison if I'd been caught doing certain things at certain times. But I'm through with that. So I'd prefer not to open a similar can of worms. I am, of course, very on top of PCT with a SERM and liver support, etc...I know it's taking a toll on my body, but so would going to prison for 3-6 months! Maybe the illegal AAS game is low-risk, but it's high stakes - no thanks.

    I also want to stick to 2 cycles per year at most because I don't want to limit natural gains. I can still gain naturally and plan to continue to do so...and I want to be able to retain what I gain when chemically assisted. My goals may be modest, but I'm balancing them with health and legality and reality here. That's not to say I don't think I have any room for improvement - I sure do, and I am in this iron game for life.

    I'd like to hear what made you decide to start with AAS (if you have) or just general thoughts or observations you have. For me, it might be a nice break from always thinking/reading about objective specifics when it comes to this route we've chosen. Also, please don't be too specific for your own sake unless you feel comfortable doing so. I don't want you to self-incriminate or anything.



  2. Hey conwict, i identify with libertarians too. I know what the laws have done here, they have people using less-safe gear and at the same time they've got Max Muscle shops selling Mass Tabs to 16 year old kids. Mission accomplished, ****ing retarded government.

    Pretty high goals prompted me to do some enhancement. I never had modest goals, I just decided I wanted to be big. I like the feeling, I like flexing, I like the aesthetics... just a personal thing.

    Now I just keep trying to get bigger, I think in the end this will allow me to cut down to and maintain really low bodyfat % at 215+ pounds without a whole lot of work. Be set with maintenance level training and move on with my life when I need to.

  3. Yeah, I think modest vs lofty goals is a matter of perspective. At 13-14 I thought 200 pounds would be absolutely huge, but I realize (at that size, and pretty happy overall with it, but of course with some improvements to be made) that there are two types of successful people...those who are slightly unsatisfied with their goals when they reach them, and those who are hugely unsatisfied with their goals as they reach them. I don't mean to sound judgmental of the "freaks" who are 275 lb, 10% BF 5'8 or whatever because of AAS, because I'm not - but I think they have made a poor choice according to my value system and I choose not to. That's the cool thing about 1 person, 1 body though. Of course, having kids throws a damper on the whole "I can do what I want with my body thing" - please, if you have kids, take them into consideration, but otherwise have at it everybody. Or don't.

    Glad I have at least one response here, I was feeling introspective and hoping not to get flamed by "dude I came on here 4 advice about superdr0l, stfu." Thanks Unreal.

  4. A truly perplexing question to say the least. I have been lifting for a very, very long time. (30+ yrs) and about 25 of those yrs were natural. So, the decision for me to go to the dark side was quite simple. I can definitely say I had gone as far as I could go naturally. I had entertained the thought of the pro-hormone route when they were legal (But did not know of any pros using them) so I just assumed they most likely would not perform as promised. Then all this other legal stuff came out and once again no pros using it so, same assumption. Figured the only option I had was the real deal. (Was not getting any younger and did not have many yrs left to invest on supplements that’s performances may be questionable at best.) I made great gains in my first 2 yrs of use and have been able to maintain those gains for going on 7+ yrs. My cycle on cycle off protocols are quite different from those posted on the web. But, have worked fine for me without any medical problems. Thru continuous and extensive blood work I was able to actually see how various compounds reacted in my body, (both positive and negative) thus giving me an extremely comprehensive evaluation of the amounts and lengths of time I needed to run certain hormones to achieve my goals. (And who would have thought, it was quite different from the information I had seen posted on the BB sites) So, as one may ascertain, I began to follow cycle and gear usage protocols that were fine tuned to my particular needs (according to the metabolic, androgenic, and anabolic processes going on within my own body) as opposed to using the generic standards posted on the web (one size fits all theory) All I can say, if we want to make the most gains in the least amount of time, do extensive blood work, then there will be no doubt in your mind exactly what is going on in your own body. As we here on the bb sites everyone’s body reacts differently to AAS. But then we are all advised the same cycle and usage protocols, must admit they kinda lost me on that one.
    Happy Lifting

  5. Well, it's kind of simple in my case. A lot of people like me have trouble gaining weight. I have been training since I'm 13, and I was one of those fat kids that was being laughed at. At 13, I started training, naturally, trained, trained, and trained. I was spending 3 hours a day at the gym, I was overtraining, and couldn't gain at all. I then improved my techniwues, and found a certain balance between diet, training, etc.. All my life (since I'm 13) was to gain mass to impress and get attention. Now that I am older now, this goal has changed, but it was the 1st reason I started training at 13. I now train for myself. Not for girls or my girlfriend, not even to impress my friends. I do it for myself. I walk on the street proud of this. I go to bed, and when everything went wrong in my day, at least I did my training to get better at it.

    AAS use comes into place at this point for me. When all you want is feel tight and muscular, and it makes you happy, you kinda gain interest in them, start talking to people about it, etc.. After I gathered all my info, I started it, and realized a lot of things.
    1) even though I got sick when I started I felt insanely good on test. It was really hard to come off.
    2) After finishing my 1st cycle, I really wanted some more.
    3) On cycle, you keep smiling, confidence skyrockets. (I usually don't come up to girls, usually always been single, and on my 1st cycle, talking to girls was real easy, I'm still with her today..)
    4)Libido is insane
    5) and many others

    So if you read about it, you see all those good sides, and you really want to "see what all the fuss is about".

    There are so much more I can say about this, but my fingers hurt typing this lol

  6. I jumped in when I got back a blood test that showed low test values. No wonder I felt like crap. No wonder I couldn't gain mass. A few pulse cycles later, I really like the look and feel of my 50 extra pounds.

  7. a lot of ppl are worried about legal issues, which is understandable. but at this point in my life im only responsible for myself....no wife, no kids etc. so i would much rather take some risk than have to down 10 orals a day and suffer harsher side effects (IMO)....ive already done that for years of my life because of a medical condition and i would like to not go back.

  8. I love living in Canada. There is no law that blocks you from buying and using them. You can't import/export, but anyone that buys and use for themselves will not be in trouble.

  9. I went with orals after researching and deciding that if I did get sides, they would be worth the gains. I started out at around 145lbs. unable to keep it at 150. it would go up, then down, no matter how much I ate. then I found out about 4 androstenediol &the gains did come. I lost the gains from that first cycle. then I found out about a ds oral stack called decabolen. after researching superdrol, phera plex, and halodrol, I decided this 3 ds stack would be my best option. I gained 20lbs and kept 18 of it. this cycle also brought full onslought of gyno. which is 98% gone now, just tiny little 1/2 pea size lumps. I have used black market oral aas. t-bol, anavar. neither brought the gains that sd/hd/pp brought. but I didn't need a pct with t-bol & var either. they were so mild, and caused little shut down.

    in the end, there are risk with anything you put into your body, or inject. they all have risk associated with them.

    I currently have 5 days left on a dymethazine cycle. two caps a day. all gains. no extra calories & cardio training. no sides. except nut shrinkage.which would come with any cycle. and has reduced/removed gyno.

    10lbs of lean muscle in 4 weeks, all legal, no noticable sides, only 2 capsules per day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon is why I choose oral designer anabolics.......

    edit: im expecting to keep atleast 5lbs after pct, we'll see, but its worth it to me.

  10. i'm moving to canada lol

    it's just worth it to me
    that's like asking why do you use creatine
    or why do you use protein powder?
    to get bigger, and stronger faster!

    in the end, that is pretty much why most people take steroids.
  11. koJacked
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    yo i got dymethazine havent tried yet also have superdrol clone and 120 dbols trying to figure out how to use them poss stack

  12. Quote Originally Posted by koJacked View Post
    yo i got dymethazine havent tried yet also have superdrol clone and 120 dbols trying to figure out how to use them poss stack
    id say just take they dymethazine by itself or with 20mg of dbol e/d and save the sd clone for something else or sell it. dymethazine is the shiznitz though, and you probably wont need anything with it. maybe take 40mg dbol e/d for 3 weeks then switch to 15mg of dymeth in the morning, and another 15mg 12 hours later for 4 weeks. this is just a suggestion, you dont need anything with dymethazine, but if you have the quick wet gains of dbol, why not use them, then dry out with dymethazine?
  13. dpfisher
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    Haven't done it yet but I've been thinking about it for strength improvements. I was lifting for a while without knowing what I was doing then started researching. In a couple years I've dropped 50 lbs of fat, gained about 20 lbs of muscle, but my strength (lift wise) hasn't increased that much at all. Functionally, I've become far far stronger than all my friends like lifting objects that have them grunting and sweating with 2 arms takes one for me with little effort, but when it comes to my lifts, they still suck.

  14. I have yet to actually use AAS, but will soon start a first cycle. I believe that many of the governments laws are to protect stupid people from themselves. On that point also the steroids that can be used relatively safely are the longest banned. I could easily still do a cycle of SD or Phera legally and wreak havok on my body. I've seen countless talks of migrane headaches, ldl being much higher than hdl, gyno, the list of side effects goes on and on. If the government wanted to totally ban steroids they could easily do so. I will not ruin my body though because some bureaucrats chooses to ban only some steroids.

    On the issue of actually taking them i'll agree with the others and ask why not. Testosterone in medium doses has very few sides. Higher bp, increased cholesterol, slight androgen action on the prostate. Eating fast food regularly (like millions of americans do) can have much worse effects on your body. Yet with these small controllable side effects many benefits come along with it.

    If i can get a blood test and everything on my body is functioning well what is the real reason i should not use them? I still do sports but not competitively enough to be at a tested level. I am not a young kid that could get possibly hurt through not researching a product. I am not dealing them out to people or hurting people in any way. There is no legitimate reason not to in my book...

    My 2 Cents

  15. For a second, I thought "Hey, I want to move to canada." Then I remembered...I'd rather be able to carry a gun without claiming "I'm hunting" than juice up at will. Too bad we have to choose...

    jjohn, interesting how you got into the mood-boosting effects of test. I had forgotten to mention that. I think lots more people stick with longer cycles verging on abuse (by my standards) because they don't want to lose that indestructible/mood-boosting/confidence-boosting effect. Having had my share of drug experiences, I'm much more interested in the long-term muscle mass gains that come with cycles than the mood or esteem-boosting, but to each his own.

    jpk, I tried a M-W-F pulse cycle of Epistane and gained about 10-12 pounds over 8 weeks. I went up to 50 for the last few weeks. No obvious side effects and more-or-less felt great the whole time, but I still did tam cit 40/20/10/10 afterward plus a bunch of herbal stuff like silymarin. Last time I tried Mdrol and gained about 8-10 solid pounds with 10-20/20/20 (diet and training was spot-on) - the strength gains were quite impressive on both. In PCT right now. I wasn't a total lightweight when I started though, I had just cut down to a very low bf% when I tried the epi.

    That's my story...and ibanez, you're right. Very basic but very true. The question isn't "what do you want," it's "how far will you go to get it." In your case, from your posts I have read the answer is pretty damn far. That's ok by me, I find them interesting to read.



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