Best way to cycle methyl 1 test?

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  1. Best way to cycle methyl 1 test?

    what is the best way to cycle methyl 1 test and 4ad? 4 weeks on 2 off, or 2week on 2 off? thanks

  2. i would say either 2 on 2 off or 4 on 4-6 off

  3. thanks bro

  4. Ive been on methyl 1test for 25 days straight at 10mg, at around day 22 I started shedding some hair , as I noticed a couple hairs here and there on my shoulders and chest when I woke up and looking on the walls in my shower, there were considerably more random hairs layin around. I think if you do a 2 week cycle like everyone else is doing, this side can be avoided methinks.

  5. on the 2 weeks that I am off should I take 6oxo or do you guys think I would need something stronger like clomid?

  6. i did a 2 wk cycle, and gained 9 lbs w/o upping cals.i took 20 mg because a lot of people were reporting lethargy on 10 mg. most people are using nolva post cycle, i think. im not doing anything post cycle just for an experiment and so far i haven,t lost any wt. or strength, its been 5 days since my last dose of m1t. just seeing how i react to m1t, and how i react naturally to stopping it.

  7. Originally posted by NPCNJ
    on the 2 weeks that I am off should I take 6oxo or do you guys think I would need something stronger like clomid?
    6oxo should do the job if running 2 weeks. Nolva or Clomid still would be better choices in my opinion. Best of luck.

  8. thanks again for the help

  9. Try going 10mg for 2 weeks & see if you can handle the sides to continue for 4 weeks. If not, take 2 off & go back on for 2 weeks. The reason the 2-week cycle theory came about was because the sides got bad after about 2 weeks. I had very few sides after 2 weeks & could've continued no problem, but I chose not to. You won't know how it affects you until you experiment with it.

  10. I see, that makes sense. As far as sides go what sholuld I expect from it?

  11. No offence, but If you have no clue as to what sides to expect from M1T then you need to do more research before using it.

    But to answer your question the most noticeable sides are increased blood pressure and lethargy (sp?).

    Most people take 4-AD for the lethargy and COQ-10 and/or hawthorn berry for the blood pressure.


  12. also probably be a good idea to have milk thistle around as well for any potential hepatotoxic effects.

    if you haven't yet, run a search on M1T, you'll get tons of threads on it from prior people who have run cycles.

  13. You may not get any sides, besides lethargy. I really didn't. Most report lower back cramping. M1t just makes many people feel like total ****. You won't know how you'll react until you try it.

    I strongly suggest taking milk thistle, ALA, or both for liver protection. I take both while on M1t. Kilosports has 1000 caps of them for like $40. Thats enough to last over a year. I didnt take anything for BP, but probably will next time.

  14. On my second two week cycle of M1t at 10mg/day for side effects I noticed the following:

    joint soreness
    prostate irritation
    lower back cramping

    For any future cycles I'm going to add an aromatizing compound of some sort to try and minimize some of the side effects, mainly the lethargy and joint soreness. I was taking in plenty of potassium and magnesium, and still found the lower back cramps to be bothersome during my leg and deadlift workouts. Saw palmetto helped some with the prostate, but irritation was still evident. As far as the lethargy is concerned eca helped somewhat, but I still found the need for the odd nap during the day.

  15. M1T does not cause prostate problems... I could be wrong though..

  16. And how exactly are you so certain that it doesn't cause prostate problems? I know for damn sure I wasn't imagining the issues that arose for myself, and seeing as how dht and methyl dht are both metabolites of the substance, you're claim has absolutely zero truth to it.

  17. a lot of people have lethargy on 10 mg but it stops if they bump to 20mg. i never had any on 20 mg. i had a loss of appetite for 1 day then made myself eat, as soon as i started eating whether i wanted it or not the appetite came back. i took 600 mg a day pottasium and didn,t have any cramps. had some elbow soreness, seemed like when i worked tris, the muscle contracted so hard the tie ins at the elbow were stressed and ached for a few hours.

  18. Originally posted by Yimen E.Cricket
    M1T does not cause prostate problems... I could be wrong though..
    Any androgenic compound can affect the prostate. M1t is highly androgenic.
    I personally had no prostate or joint problems. I didnt take anything for Prostate of joints either. I think the joint pain is mainly the rapid increase in muscle strength. You muscles are able to handle more weight each workout, but your joints are not getting stronger as fast. That is pretty common.
  19. bitch tits

    arent bitch tits a side effect ?

  20. Not bitch tits are not a side effect, most people like bitch tits. Bitch tits are gooooddd

  21. M1t doesnt aromatize so gynocomestia should not be problem, except for possibly in the post cycle rebound period but proper PCT should lower the risk drastically.

  22. what do you guys think of cycling m-1-t 2/1/2?
    why is it suggested that you take 2 weeks off.... would 1 be sufficient?

  23. You could take 1 off if you want. The break after 2 weeks is to avoid sides before the become unbearable & do a quick 2 week PCT. You could probably take 1 week off if you need, or just go 4 straight if you can handle the sides.

    I have never heard of anyone getting gyno from 1-test or m1t.

  24. I don't know if I personally would bother with a 1 week break in between 2 week cycles myself. It just makes more sense to me that you would run a 4 week cycle at that point. How much could the body recover in one weeks time from any inherent suppression? I'd be willing to guess not very much.

    I suppose it would give the user a break from the side effects if that were the concern. Here's a different idea, has anybody on the board tried out 1 week on one week off cycles as of yet? I'm taking a month off from androgens, and think I might try something more like this on my next run with m1t.

  25. i ran 20mgs/day and had no sides but lethargy which progressed thruout the cycle...and appetite suppression... which sucked.
    My most pronounced gains came the final week.... I really considered going for 6 weeks.... i might next time 'round.


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