How Long???

  1. How Long???

    I was considering doing a quick Two on two off and two on again with 10mg of M1T. I was going to ad in some 4ad for the six weeks to combat the lathargy and decreased app.

    My question is:
    How long after I finish everything must I wait before I do a Test/deca cycle. (I won't be able to do this test/deca cycle untill at least feb due to sourse issues and I want to try the M1T)

    What will the shut down be like if I just do the 4ad on the weeks that I do the M1T

    what does everyone think my best option is?

    Thanks in advance

  2. If you started today, it would put you on into February after six weeks.
    I would wait at least 4-6 weeks before starting an AAS cycle.

  3. I would take 6-8 weeks off after the M1t cycle you described. It will only help your gains to be recovered before you go on the gear.

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