PH's legal in Canada?

  1. PH's legal in Canada?

    Howdy all!

    If any of you are from Canada you know we got some pretty messed up views on what is acceptable and not acceptable in this country as far a s"supplements" go.

    Basically.. if our Gov't can't make money from it then they see no point in it being a legally available substance

    I an either order Ph's to be delivered to me here in Canada OR I can have them delivered to a bud in the US and pick them up when I see him next at Christmas time.

    I've not found anything about Ph's being banned in Canada so I'm hoping one of you might be able to give me the 411 on this.



  2. All PH`s are banned in Canada, some make it across the boarder some don`t, it`s a gamble on your part.

  3. I think possession is legal but the sale of ph's is illegal. But if customers opens up your package they'll probably seize or send back the items.

  4. You gotta PM Houseman.

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