Bulk PH Powders Now Available

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    Bulk PH Powders Now Available

    By the end of the week we will have the following bulk powders in stock:

    1-Testosterone $5.00 per gram

    4-AD $1.00 per gram

    4-Hydroxy-testosterone $7.00 per gram

    We will be adding them to the site for pre-orders. The product should be ready to ship by 12-15-2003.

    All bulk powders will be sold in 5 gram increments.

    Here is the link: Bulk Hormones

    Power Nutrition
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  2. What about bulk Methyl 1-Test powder?

  3. BTW, I should add that these are being offered due to a shift in product focus. What I mean is there will now be an option to create your own transdermal. From a manufacturers standpoint it makes sense as there is only one product to support (no more T-1-PRO, T-1, etc.). From a consumer standpoint it affords a wider ranger of choice which is tailored for individual goals.

    For instance, if cutting or lean gains were the goal then a higher 1-test ratio would be called for. In this case select 5 grams 1-test/2.5 grams 4-AD to replicate a T-1-PRO. The intent is to offer the same quality product at a cheaper overall cost to you bros...

    The formula has been re-engineered to afford MAXIMUM dissolvability. This means that adding the raw powders by the end user should be a seamless operation and result in the same quality as the commercial product....and at the same time be more cost effective to purchase!

    BTW, for those that are experimenting with pellet type of powders this formula eliminates the need to extract. The old way one would have to extract the active material from the pellet then add the powder to the lotion. Now one could just crush the pellets and add them directly to the base...EVERYTHING DISSOLVES!

    IMO, the offering of the raw powders is a great addition for the members! There is now a reliable vendor for the 4-OHT raw powder and also a kick ass base to add it to!!


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