Middle of my first test cycle

  1. Middle of my first test cycle

    Im on week 6 of my first injectable cycle. Im taking 400mg test C. The last week or 2 i really haven't gained much at all. My strength is still going up but my size and weight haven't moved. Would it benefit me to run a week or maybe 2 longer and keep the 400mg or bump it up to 500mg for the next 5 weeks or so?

  2. keep it the same. just because weight gains have stalled doesnt mean it not working its magic. keep in mind that the new weight needs to be fed....the bigger u get, the MORE u need to eat to maintain and grow

  3. Just ride the wave...you still have over a month to go.....


  4. Eat eat eat. You should be fine at staying at 400mg per week, just up your intake.

  5. personaly I think 400mgs is a low does its proably equivelnt to 30mg of epi a day or 10 of superdrol if that I think you need 500 to make decent gains or at least fairly quick gains



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