Dymethazine log

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  1. Dymethazine log

    Hey guys this is my first log so any advice would be appreciated. But basically I just purchased Dymethazine from Iforce.

    Little bit about myself. I weighed at 213 today on the scale (been off creatine for a week). I am 6' 1" amd 21 years old. I have never run any pro hormones or anabolics, so this is my first cycle.

    On Cycle:

    Dymethazine 30/30/30/30
    Size On
    Wheybolic Extreme 60
    Liver Care
    Fish Oil

    Off Cycle:

    Testabolan v2
    " (everything but dymethazine)

    Working out 5 days a week, cardio only if i feel needed. Will update with weight and workout. I tend to work out mostly mid day or at night. I am also splitting the dosage of 30 into 15 in the morning and 15 mid day. If I forgot anything feel free to comment or pm me. Remember this is my first cycle/log.

  2. Very interested in this new DS. Since this is your first cycle, you should get some pretty solid gains out of it. I would highly recommend 5-10 grams of taurine daily to avoid any lower back cramping. Also, stick to 30mg daily... even at mid-cycle when you're tempted to think "more = better."

    Best of luck.

  3. Thanks yeah I was thinking about picking up some taurine as well. I will also weigh myself tomorrow for my accurate starting weight. I will stick to the 30 since its my first cycle, if everything goes well then I will probably run it again during the summer at a more potent level or stack it with something.

  4. I'm watching too. Best of luck on your first cycle

  5. Thanks for the support, i weighed in at 213 this morning and got my blood pressure checked 100/60. Working out in a couple hours. Chest day baby!

  6. Had an awesome workout today

    Bench 5/5/5/5/5-185/225/245/265/285
    DB Flys 10/10/10-30/30/30
    Incline Press 10/10/8-155/155/155
    Chin Bench Press (touch the bar to under your chin) supersetted to pushups 10/12/12-135/135/135 Pushups- 6/6/4
    Machine Shoulder Press Supersets 8-110 8-60/ 8-110 6-60/ 7-110 6-60

    Not much of a difference between other workout (wasnt expecting anything). Still a nice solid workout. Didnt put a couple miscellaneous lifts in there (if you want all of them just ask). Lets see where this goes. Any other questions feel free to ask.

  7. good luck

  8. DEnd, good luck with this cycle. I hope it'll work out fantastically, with little sides.
    Once again, congrats on what I consider a pretty spectacular physical form, given that you are 100% natural so far.

    I'd love to know - do you workout 'til muscle failure (defined as not being able to do a single rep on your own), or do you try to leave a little "air", so that lactic acid buildup is smaller?

  9. usually my first half of my sets on each exercise have a little "air" between them but i usually go til i cant go anymore, sometimes ill even superset to tear em up a little more.

  10. Hit legs today and it was a pretty decent workout. I was drinking my size on during the workout and it just seemed to dehydrate me which was weird cause yesterday it didnt. I even tried to just drink water for a while but it still seemed to be dehydrating. I also tried stretching a bit before my work out (not a good idea, will not be continuing with this). My strength seemed to go down today.

    squat 15(deep)/15(deep)/15(deep)/8(legs parallel to ground)-135/225/315/405
    one legged leg press 12/10/10-320/420/520
    leg press- 15/15/20-700/950/1100
    leg ext supersetted with leg curls 12/12/13-200/210/220 10/12/13-140/150/150

    only took one scoop of no xplode today (cant go from 500 mg of caffeine per day to nothing). Tomorrow will end all caffeinie except maybe some coffee in the morning, and I recently read an article in the newest musclemag yesterday that taking caffeine could help with the uptake of protein and could help make carbs more effective and faster. Any thoughts?

  11. DEnd, while I have no idea on the benefits of caffeine on protein synthesis, you mention "cant go from 500 mg of caffeine per day to nothing" - did you take that amount really every day, or only on workout days? And did you take it at once?

  12. Usually the 500mg were on workout days were i would have a cup or 2 of coffee (125-250mg) then my preworkout usually consisted about (250-350 depending on what i wanted to use). Then sometimes i would have an energy shot (250-300mg) so roughly around that. But the i have good blood pressure so I will lay off the caffeine for a while and keep checking my blood pressure. If its still good after a week off then I might take a pre workout again. But I have to remember to listen to my body. Im also thinking about adding a test booster. Any suggestions or advice anyone?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by DEnd55 View Post
    Im also thinking about adding a test booster. Any suggestions or advice anyone?
    Save the test booster for PCT. It would be futile to use during a steroid cycle. My advice would be to stick to the initial plan and exercise some patience. I hate those logs where guys jump the gun and start adding other products and/or upping the dosage.

  14. DEnd, what would be the point of a test booster while being "on"? General wisdom is, like rubberring says, to take it during PCT.

    Something different - if you haven't already read it, this is rj's log:
    My Dymethazine log!
    What he experiences now lays the "less sides" claim to rest, but good strength gains he had for sure.

  15. Another vote for the test booster in pct!!

  16. Oh dont worry i not becoming impatient, I was just wondering. It seems like a good idea to take to combat any shutdown, I read a dymethazine log were a guy stack max out and testabolan v2 on cycle. Just a question guys hahaha, but thanks for the concern. Yeah the strength gains seem to be awesome, oh I guess I forgot to share my start off strength.

    Bench Press- 315 for 3
    Squat- 505 for 3
    Deadlift- 495 for 1
    Power Clean- 275 for 3
    Leg Press- 1200 for 18

    Those are my main lifts (the ones I go all out on), dont really track the other lifts. I just push myself after that.

    Will be working out in the evening because of work. Will log around 10 30. Thanks for sticking with me.

  17. I had a decent work out again, I think its because I only got like 3 hours of sleep last night. I was laying in bed for about an hour and a half and then finally fell asleep. When I finally fell asleep I kept waking up every hour in sweats. Then my family woke me up on accident and I was up for a while. Just not a good rest period.

    Hang Clean 10/8/5/1/4-185/225/245/275/245
    Snatches 12/10/13-135/135/95
    Lat Pulldowns 12/10/10-110/130/150
    Cable Rows 12/10/8-180/200/220
    Shrugs supersetted to Upright Rows 12/12/15-105/110/85 to 10/8/7-95/95/95

    So far I dont feel different, kind of irratible because of the lack of sleep. Also lethargic, besides that nothing out of the ordinary. Will check bp and weight tomorrow morning. Should I get my bp checked before or after breakfast?

  18. depends on what you're having for breakfast.

    I say before breakfast though, generally.

  19. Weighed in at 214 today, up 1 lb. Had a good nights sleep and had an awesome workout.

    Bench Press 15/10/6/4/6/10-185/225/265/285/225/185
    Barbell Shoulder Press 8/10/10-95/95/135
    Arnold Presses 10/10/11-35/40/45
    Front Raises with 45 lb plate to 15 lb lateral raises 10 to 8/9 to 7

    So far nothing out of the ordinary. Mentally I seem not so ready to go, but having some trouble with a long distance relationship (damn you seperate colleges!!!). Other then that feeling good. Strength hasnt changed much and Ive been eating like crazy. So we will see how it goes. Arms tomorrow baby!!!

  20. Are you studying on a football scholarship, DEnd?

  21. no its a D-3 school

  22. Arm workout yesterday was amazing, but I havent had a bad arm workout in months. Nothing too different, great pump and intensity. I did have another bad nights sleep but I've had a lot on my mind so its hard to tell if it's the dymethazine. On arm workouts I don't train for strength, it's always for the pump. I use superset one bi workout to one tri workout in every set. Then at the end of the workout I hit forearms.

    machine bicep curls to seated dips 15-15/12-15/12-15/10-15 - 100-bodyweight/110-25lb/120-35lb/130-45lb
    bicep curls to barbell curls to tricep pulldowns 10-8-13/10-10-13/10-9-13 - 30-65-110/30-45-130/30-45-150

  23. this stuff supposed to be like superdrol with less sides?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by P4D2A022 View Post
    this stuff supposed to be like superdrol with less sides?
    That's the story.

  25. I weighed at 216 today, up 3 pounds since last monday. Checked my blood pressure and it was 109/61, nothing too drastic but it is up. Work out today was phenomenal, recovery between sets was awesome. Felt like I didn't even have to rest.

    Bench 5/5/5/5/3 - 185/225/275/295/315
    DB Bench 10/8/8 - 70/80/90
    Incline BB Bench 12/10/9 - 135/155/185
    DB Flys 10/10/10 - 30/35/40
    Chin Bench Press 10/10/8 - 155/155/155
    Seated EZ bar tricep extensions supersetted to Tricep Pushdowns 12/10/10 - 25's/25's/35's to 15/12/10 - 150/170/190
    Rotator Cuff Exercises

    Overall not too many sides. Still having a little bit of trouble sleeping, I bought some sublingual melatonin and it seems to work but I keep waking up in sweats. Other then that blood pressure hasnt changed much and still taking about 100-200mg of caffeine a day. Eating like a horse, and feeling great. I believe its starting to kick in!


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