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  1. Quote Originally Posted by rms80 View Post
    def. not fun stuff- M1-T was one of those molecules that looked good on paper, but just didn't pan out the way people expected......
    like methyl dien too

  2. Quote Originally Posted by jasonschaffin View Post
    Saw a preview for a new designer on another site. Its M1T with an added 5-6 double bond. Anybody have any ideas about this compound?
    this is from "Z" right??

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Bigchourico View Post
    Maybee it was rat poison but it made me stronger than any other steroid that i ever tried including Tren and Test.
    yeah there is no doubt it ****ing delivered in the size/strength department!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by P4D2A022 View Post
    this is from "Z" right??
    ForeRunner Labs
    The Future of Human Performance
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    is this a straight steroid like superdrol and m1t or does this convert into something?

  6. Methylated Steroid

  7. Looks similiar to methyl, 1,4. I wouldn't get too excited about it. Looks like it should give results but nothing close to M1T.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by sly View Post
    Looks similiar to methyl, 1,4. I wouldn't get too excited about it. Looks like it should give results but nothing close to M1T.
    thats what i was thinking myself

  9. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    Does anybody have any thoughts of the double bond of Dbol being moved from the C4 position to the C5 postion? I know this is being compared to M1T, but it is also looks VERY similar to Dbol.

    In fact, if you move the double in reverse of what I described above, I believe you would be looking at Dbol (not that that necessarily means anything since structure dictates function).
    Zsupps has been planning on making a DS of Dbol and I'm pretty sure this is the case here.

  10. M1t def delivered in terms of results hell at 10mg you gained 10lbs in a week it was crazy. The shutdown and bloodtests I've seen after 1 week were staggering.

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  12. anymore info on this Zsupps?


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