What PH/DS should i take for my reasons?

  1. Question What PH/DS should i take for my reasons?

    I have 1 bottle of havoc and i need to gain 10lbs+ in 2months before my vacation.

    TAKE IN FOR ACCOUNT: I have a fresh Gyno (4months old) already from improper steriod use of only using Nolva and not having letro on hand and i plan to use LETROZOLE to shrink that bump, cause i can still reverse it cause its fresh!

    If i go into havoc with my gyno and for my PCT use NOLVA and letrozole you think i will pull through 10lbs bigger with a my gyno shrunk a bit and all gone and keep gone?

  2. talk to your doctor about gyno

    what did you get it from?

  3. Using only nolva should not have given you gyno, unless it was some goofy reaction from a progestin.

    If you have gyno and are worried about it, talk to a doctor before you self-medicate and then jump back ont he hormonals...

  4. Rocky, I would second that - check that out before u start. Hey Inbanezman - haven't u taken 6OXO? Was it helpful for you? I just started Epistane and gonna do a 4-5wk cycle. Wanted to ask u about my PCT - Wk1-2 6OXO(or Novedex XT) along with CS & PCS by AI then week 3 I'll be adding in Lean Xtreme. I have liq tamox cit on hand just in case. what do you think?

  5. 6oxo i great
    i love it

    but i use in in conjuction with my SERMs not as a replacement to SERMs
    my favorite PCT for epi/havoc is

    clomid - 50/50/50
    and 6oxo 6 caps a day for 4 weeks

  6. Alright. So you take the Clomid for the first 3 wks @ 50/50/50 and the 6OXO for the first 4 wks. What dosing for 6OXO - 6 caps all 4 weeks? What do you think about the additon of Lean Xtreme (dosing & time table?).

  7. i'm sorry, i'm not too familiar with too many over the counter PCT products.

    lean xtreme.....isn't that an anti-cortizol? that's very good to take post cycle.
    sorry i can't be of much more help.

    edit: nevermind it's a fat burner.

    i don't suggest doing a cut immediatly post cycle. at least wait until you start making gains naturally again. that way you're not at risk of loosing the gains you made.

  8. Yes it's an Anti-Cort and Fat Burner in One. Good point, i may save it for later use, we'll see.

  9. if you have gyno already..take care of that first before you do another cycle. it can just make it worse.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by bigpapa View Post
    if you have gyno already..take care of that first before you do another cycle. it can just make it worse.
    i see, so there is no way i can go into a cycle then use my LETRO for clearing gyno after cycle? ur saying I can grow my gyno bigger in cycle u say?

  11. k, describe your "gyno" for me
    is it just puffy nipples or do you have hard lumps under your nipples?

  12. i have soft lump under my chest and they have been growing for the last couple months. They started felling a super tiny lump to now having a marble in there. Im thinking be on a mini PH/DS cycle will pause my gyno growth then use my letro in PCT

  13. if u have a lump take care of it first. use the letro and see if it gets rid of it. wait on the cycle. if it has calcified then the only option really is surgery. but yes, running a cycle with pre-existing gyno can make it worse and make even more complications

  14. I'd say change your diet and exercise program for a clean bulk without a PH/DS. Also go to the Dr. about your gyno.

    If I were you, I would rather gain a clean 5 lbs with zero gyno than 10+ lbs with gyno, especially if vacation calls for taking my shirt off in public.

    If you need a free meal and workout plan, go to the Scivation online books site, they are free! http://scivationbooks.com/


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