P-Plex cycle starting in two weeks; here're my plans.

  1. P-Plex cycle starting in two weeks; here're my plans.

    Starting a P-Plex cycle from CEL here in around two weeks.

    I have CEL Cycle Assist coming in tomorrow, and I plan to preload that for 7-10 days at half dosage; I have considered waiting to start the Cycle Assist until my cycle starts, and just buying a $5 bottle of HB and just preloading that. Leaning toward just preloading the HB as it'll be more cost-effective; preloading Cycle Assist is probably overkill.

    (On cycle):


    Cycle Assist:
    4 caps, twice daily.




    PCT Assist:
    2 caps, twice daily.

    Please, any comments/suggestions/advice is much appreciated. I feel I have done a large amount of research, but in no way do I consider myself as having this all ironed out; no option is better than asking those who have experienced with P-Plex.


  2. Any kind of reply will be great, whether it's a "looks good" or something you think I should be taking extra, for PCT or whichever. I want everything nailed down before I pop that first dosage.

  3. you don't need to taper clomid down
    50 for 4 weeks is fine.
    maybe think about going 40/40/20/20 on nolva but it's up to you.

  4. Thanks for the response. That makes sense... the Nolva dosage will depend on how I react to the compound, as I'm completely unaware. But your recommended dosage is something I will strongly consider.

  5. i thought they went down to the 10mg caps.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by repmks View Post
    i thought they went down to the 10mg caps.
    My understanding is that they used to come in 15mg caps now 10mgs. Do you have an older bottle? My bottle I bought about a month ago is 10mgs. I am not sure when the switch over was made?

  7. keep us updated.


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