PLEASE state your opinion. the best product

  1. PLEASE state your opinion. the best product

    I posted this in supplements but apparently I'm not asking a supplement question...I was told to take it here...whatever.


    My question is very simple.

    In your opinion: What is the BEST product out there now that is fully legal, over the counter, to have lean gains in size and strength? And I guess I'm speaking of PH/PS or in that same general class of supplements. AND how does that same product stack up to a PH/PS of Superdrol (unless of course the compound IS superdrol).

  2. stats and training experience please

  3. if you want to keep natty test on cycle you could pulse the compound
    m-drol does great with this. a good 4-5 weeker.
    i've done 2 havoc cycles
    they were: 20/30/30/40 and 30/30/40/40
    good gains on both.

    see, ask in the right place and you'll get answers, not sh!t.

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