Want to use a prohormone

  1. Want to use a prohormone

    What up, Iam 43yrs old 6'3 & 236lbs.Have been lifting for 4 yrs. Iam interesting in taking a prohormone. I have already purchase some otc pct & cycle support. I want to bulk with dry lean mass. I have looked into M-Drol but maybe a little harsh for 1st time user. Do any1 have any sugestions please reply. I just join & love all the articles you'll write. U can learn alot just by reading

  2. You could look into our HARD CORE MUSCLE STACK!(Primordial performance)..you get a cycle,post cycle,test booster,cortisol control etc. in one stack!..click on my Primordial Performance HMS stack link to check it out!
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  3. Havoc by RPN
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  4. havoc/epi or h-drol

  5. Depending on which prohormone you go with, it will be a good idea for you to have a SERM on hand. In case you have any rebound issues from your cycle ending. I suggest you do some more research before going with a prohormone.



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