arm feels weird after inj.

  1. arm feels weird after inj.

    I just gave myself a b12 inj of 1cc (been doing it for like 4 days now, and when I injected it felt normal and all, but then as i was pushing down the plunger my arm started to feel weird. it felt like a kind of soft, numb feeling down the length of my arm, and it still feels that way, even after i stretched it a little and took a warm shower. I aspirated,but didnt think i saw any blood (the b12 was red tho so it made it hard to check) what do you think happened ?delts are my favorite site and this has never happened before.

  2. May have put pressure on a nerve thus causing the strange feeling.

  3. Exactly what size said...

    BTW, you should be rotating sites or face the possibility of scar tissue.


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