Getting cut with Clen/T3/ECA/Test

  1. Getting cut with Clen/T3/ECA/Test

    So after deciding to wait on the tren/winny, I am going to try this method first. When I start this cycle I will be about 230lbs at 6ft2 and 16-18%BF. I am hoping to reach 10-12% by mid cycle and then start using test enanthate to its full potential(bulk). but a very clean bulk including some cardio. I've never seen a cycle similar to this after hours and hours of research, so please feel free to chime in with advice or opinions.

    -Cardio alone I'll burn 300-450cals/day, plus physical activities
    -Diet is high protein, low carb, moderate fat
    -PCT will be Nolva 30/30/20/20
    -Test E will be run 12 wks at 500mg/wk, inj. mon/thurs
    -Clen/T3 will be tapered on and off correctly at lower than average doses
    -ECA will always be run 25mg/200mg/162mg
    -Arimidex will be ran at .5mg EOD for bloat, if needed

    Here's what I'm thinking...

    1. clen, t3, test-e,
    2. clen, t3, test-e,
    3. eca, t3, test-e, arimidex
    4. eca, t3, test-e, arimidex
    5. clen, test-e, arimidex
    6. clen, test-e, arimidex
    7. eca, test-e, arimidex
    8. eca, test-e, arimidex
    9. test-e, arimidex
    10. test-e, arimidex
    11. test-e, arimidex
    12. test-e, arimidex
    13. arimidex
    14. arimidex
    15. clen, nolva
    16. clen, nolva
    17. nolva
    18. nolva

    Questions for the wise:
    1. After tapering off T3 should I expect some rebound weight? Considering I'll be on test..
    2. Where does Clen fit in best with PCT?
    3. Being that I'd slightly change my routine/diet mid cycle, should I expect a jump in estrogen or weight gain?

    any help is appreciated

  2. why are you running clen AND ephedrine?

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