How hairy do you get from test

  1. How hairy do you get from test

    First cycle of test i used 500mg a week for 10 weeks, and it made me grow hair, very thin but on my chest and underside of arms etc.

    If I do another cycle at the same dose, will i start to grow hair in more places or will I need to increase the dose before i start to see it in even more places?

    So if i only ever do 500mg of test then i should stay at this level?

    what are peoples experiences?

    I hate the idea of being hairy and having to wax/shave.

  2. Some grow more than others... for me it was SUPER noticeable, and it doesn't go away after you stop. You will get more with each cycle, even if you keep the same dose.

  3. hair on my face grows quicker, thats just about it

  4. Test is an androgen....depending on how sensitive you are to androgens, this could impact you harshly...hence, why most females should avoid them.


  5. It only gets worse.. every cycle you do will grow more body hair. [img]http://*************.net/not-tagged-smiley-10114.gif[/img]

  6. hmmmmm, i might just do deca then and keep the test fairly low so my body can operate. I dont wanna be hairy my whole life just to get big super quick.


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