Best way to save PH/PS

  1. Best way to save PH/PS

    Hey guys I ordered a huge order a few months back when I found deals on havoc and post cycle support. What is the best way to preserve them for about a year? Should I just throw them in the freezer?

  2. they'll be fine for a year unless you store them in a swamp

    anyway they'll last several years if you double bag them and toss em in the freezer.

  3. ok what happens when I leave college and bring them home (4 hour drive). Is it ok to let them kind of defrost then throw them back in the freezer?

  4. It should be, the idea is if you double bag them then no moisture will get in and so internal condensation won't be a problem

    i mean they're already sealed and they already have water absorbing packets in them... the double bagging method is just excess safety. I really wouldn't worry about it too much. Especially for one year. I just got finished using Superdrol that I've had since 2006. Still plenty good. These things should last a few years stored in normal conditions.

  5. thanks bro

  6. could always put them in a cooler wit some ice on the way home just to be safe

  7. make that DRY ICE and they might stay frozen the whole way back..


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