Howcome there isn't more dermabolics?

  1. Howcome there isn't more dermabolics?

    Back in the PH days, right before the "law" dermabolics started becoming really popular as a delivery method, but right now, except for primordial performance, everyone is only offering oral.

    That seems weird to me, especially seeing that most of the side-effects of today's PH are associated to their being methyls.

    Speaking of which, howcome none of the UGLs are offering dermal AAS? I mean, we got stealth, and we even got paper-aas So dermal doesn't seem undoable, especially since there are ready made dermal solutions, just take the bulk powder and mix it with the solution, bam, dermal-testosterone (for example).

  2. The FDA considers transdermals and sublinguals to be restricted to pharmacy. While this is the position of the FDA it isn't the position of the law yet.

  3. Ok, that explains why so many "ph" producers are dermal-shy.

    I still don't get why don't any UGL's offer it. A lot of needle-phobic newbs would eat that stuff up like candy instead of orals.

    Note to mods, notice I'm using acronyms, so its pretty ok. And guys i'm just waxing philosophical here, don't post any actual sources or mention ugl names.

    I'm just asking in theory why out of the hundreds of UGs, some of which even have super-innovative technologies like paper-bolics and stealth-sachets etc...

    No one has thought of just mixing their bulk AAS with a dermal transport matrix and selling that.

  4. UGL's only stock high demand items that don't need to be marketed. It may appear there would be a high demand for transdermals on the black market but this potential market is insignificant in comparison to the market for traditional steroids that have been produced since the 60's.

    Since there is almost unlimited demand for black market steroids and limited supply there is really no reason for UGL's to stock anything out of the ordinary.

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