proposed 2nd cycle let me know changes!

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    proposed 2nd cycle let me know changes!

    hey guys did a first cycle of test e and dbol for 12 weeks and gained a solid 15 pounds of muscle.. my weight now is a steady 208 with about 14-15% bodyfat.. my goal now is to cut back to about 200 with a good 11% bodyfat over the next 8 weeks.. my next cycle i plan to be about 6'0 around 11% and 200 pounds.. my goal is to be 212-215 at about 11-12% so a lean bulk for summer.. my proposed cycle will be...

    Test prop week 1-12 100-120? mg eod
    NPP (fast deca) weeks 1-10 75mg eod?
    Anavar weeks 3 or 4-12... 80mg ed.

    my pct will consist of HCG throughout the cycle.. clomid and nolva.. now the pinning everyother day will be different.. but i have 6 spots i can comfortable use.. glutes,ventrogluets, and delts.. the prop i should be getting is british dragon. so i dont know if thats painful or what.. and the npp is bd i dont want to run npp for 12 weeks because i want the 2 solid weeks off of it to recover because i heard it is alot more suppressive.. now please any advice.. thanks and my diet will be about 400grams protein....350/400 garms carbs and 100 grams fat.. to try and lean bulk is 15 pounds mostly muscle realistic to gain and maintain.. thanks..

  2. prop 100mg eod, npp 100mg eod. 12 weeks of EOD pinning is going to blow. why not just use long esters?

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    yea i know.. idk.. i really dont want the bloat im an endo and i usually will bloat like on dbol and test e i had it bad....

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