Patrick Arnold in the news

  1. Patrick Arnold in the news

    Here's an interesting article. I hope Patrick hangs tough!

    Posted on Sat, Dec. 06, 2003

    Balco probe looks into marketer of supplement
    By Pete Carey
    Mercury News

    The federal grand-jury investigation into a Burlingame sports-nutrition laboratory is asking about Patrick Arnold, an Illinois chemist and bodybuilder who introduced androstenedione, the controversial supplement used by the home-run slugger Mark McGwire, to the American market.

    More than one witness has been asked about Arnold, 37, who is recognized as the founder of the prohormone industry of sports supplements.

    People familiar with the questioning suggest that investigators are seeking a possible source of the designer steroid at the center of a scandal involving the grand jury's target, sports nutritionist Victor Conte Jr., who owns Balco Laboratories in Burlingame.

    Olympic athletes are banned from using prohormones, which can boost levels of the male sex hormone testosterone and increase an athlete's ability to exercise and gain muscle mass. But they can be bought over the counter and have spawned a lucrative industry. Congress is considering a bill that would ban them, and Arnold is leading the campaign against the effort.

    In an interview in which she became the first grand-jury witness to talk about her testimony, elite cyclist Tammy Thomas said she was asked about Arnold and a designer steroid, norbolethone. She was banned from competition for life last year when she tested positive for it. Designer steroids are undetectable in normal testing.

    The prosecutors ``just wanted to know if I knew him,'' Thomas said of her testimony Nov. 6. She speculated that they are looking for a clandestine laboratory, the existence of which was postulated in a paper last year by the head of the Olympic anti-doping laboratory at the University of California-Los Angeles, Dr. Don Catlin.

    Thomas said she couldn't recall even being asked about THG, or tetrahydrogestrinone, the designer steroid that is at the center of the investigation.

    Another source familiar with some of the questioning of athletes by the grand jury confirmed that they had been asked about Arnold.

    Arnold had no comment when contacted this week. In the past, he has denied knowing Thomas or ever giving her norbolethone.

    Rick Collins, a lawyer who knows Arnold and has represented people accused of steroid violations and dietary supplement companies, said the grand-jury investigation ``may be nothing more than a fishing expedition.''

    Catlin, a molecular pharmacologist at the Olympic Analytical Laboratory at UCLA, discovered a metabolized version of norbolethone in a urine sample from Thomas last year. He also identified THG this summer after a syringe containing traces of the substance was anonymously sent to anti-doping officials.

    Five track and field athletes and four NFL players linked to Conte and Balco subsequently tested positive for THG.

    The grand jury is investigating evidence the Internal Revenue Service gathered in September searches of Balco's office and the home of trainer Greg Anderson, whose clients include Giants slugger Barry Bonds. Anderson is also a target.

    Thomas, who won a silver medal at the 2001 world cycling championships, is the only athlete ever to have tested positive for norbolethone, a steroid discovered and abandoned in the 1970s by Wyeth, a major pharmaceutical firm. She has consistently denied taking it, but lost an appeal before the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency in August 2002 and was banned from competition for life.

    In 2002, Catlin published a paper describing his detection of norbolethone in two of Thomas' urine samples and noted that since the steroid had never been marketed, ``a clandestine source of norbolethone may exist.''

    ``Someone or some organization with synthetic chemical expertise could be preparing norbolethone. While this report does not prove that such a scenario is occurring, it provides strong evidence for it.''

    In March, the Washington Post reported that the USADA had given federal authorities materials from its investigation of Thomas and that USADA officials believed there may be a connection between norbolethone and Arnold.

    Arnold has denied being the source of the steroid that Catlin says he detected in Thomas' urine sample. A USADA official said Thursday that the organization is no longer commenting on the subject.

    Thomas said a friend of hers once dated Arnold, but she never met him and never bought or received anything from him.

    The cyclist, who lives in Mississippi, was flown to San Francisco and put up in a hotel by the U.S. attorney's office. Her testimony lasted about 50 minutes, she said.

    ``I think they were trying to tie things together, probably to Arnold, or to anybody, to find out, does a clandestine lab exist?'' Thomas said.

    She denied under oath ever taking norbolethone, she said, and she denied knowing Arnold.

    ``They were probably hoping I would say, `Yeah, I took norbolethone, I got it from this person.' But I didn't have those answers.''

    Thomas said she had never met Conte, but that he guided her through the appeal of her case. ``Somebody put me in touch with Victor,'' Thomas said. ``He basically just coached me through the arbitration process. The prosecutors knew that.''

    A source familiar with aspects of the proceedings said investigators may be trying to ``move up the chain'' to the source of THG.

    It is unlikely that Conte was the originator of the drug. Self-taught in inorganic chemistry and minerals, he does not appear to have the skills needed to make complicated organic compounds like steroids.

    Arnold does, which may be one reason witnesses have been quizzed about him.

    Arnold started as a bodybuilder but has become a major supplement maker. He marketed androstenedione, known as Andro. His company, LPJ Research in Seymour, Ill., describes itself as ``an American prohormone manufacturer and research company.''

    Andro drew major attention in 1998 when Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals acknowledged he used it. Andro was banned by the Olympics and the NCAA but not by Major League Baseball.

  2. Very interesting.

  3. That's bull****. Although the artilce does not go into much detail, it seems they have nothing on him other than he would know how to make the stuff. They are fishing. ****ers.
  4. dainbramaged
    dainbramaged's Avatar

    Interesting. Funny how they think the general population is so stupid as to not being able to find out how to produce anabolics. Does PA have the know-how? Easily. Could thousands of other people know too? Easily. Is PA the only person in the US able to get his hands on what would be needed? Of course not.

    There must be some other reason(s) they're trying to associate everything with him. Maybe reasons not known, but it's funny how this association comes out when he's leading the charge to keep some PH's available.

    Of course, maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about too...
  5. PC1
    PC1's Avatar

    I'm not sure if I understand this seems obvious that Norbolethone is a synthetic testosterone derrivative.

    I'm also assuming it's "new to the market" and a concern to the FDA because it's not naturally occurring, like say 1-test or 4-ad, or even andro?

    So it doesn't fly under the present radar like all the other 1-test or andro products that are available online or even through supplement companies?

    The concern then, is that someone is synthesizing, to cite a common derrivative we're familiar with, something like a new decca durabolin that normally would fall under jurisdiction of the FDA, and selling it underground to elite atheletes?

    If so, this should be a very interesting case to watch unfold because it's different than our current prohormone legislative battle. We should be seeing this investigation prominently displayed in the news media as it builds momentum and proceeds right through the supplement industry. If a supplement maker like Ergopharm is ultimately found to be making it, that manufacturer will be displayed in the news media in the same light as an underground oxycondone or ecstasy drug maker.

    And it would be disastrous for us in the pending prohormone legislative battle from a public relations perspective, as it would "prove" once and for all that the industry is too insidious to be allowed to continue manufacturing and selling androgens or androgen precursors.

    Thanks for posting that kimo_brah

  6. Here is my 2 cents.......... They are going to go after P.A and at least attempting to demonize him. If he is involved in all of the designer steroid scandal or even if he is not but gets some bad press the bill will easily pass.The inverter of andro in a steroid scandal........ great headline for the press, a few politicians will get a few sound bites on T.V, and the government gets to ban all andro.

  7. It's well-known that PA and Lllewelyn both have manufactured "undetectable" steroids. Hell, it was written in an article about Mr. Llewelyn in Sports Illustrated.

    Looks like a matter of the highest profile person being the first investigated to me. I mean, he IS the logical first place to look.

  8. This is funny. Tammy Thomas, the cyclist mentioned, still claims to have been clean. If you have ever seen a picture of her(Tammy Thomas) you would think you are looking at at man.

  9. Here she is. Must've forgotten to shave that day.

  10. Damn it is amazing what they are able to do with sex change operations these days.. scarey scarey

  11. is she single?

  12. See what I mean? Yeah, she was clean and so is ronnie coleman.

  13. its a close battle, but she's hotter then ronnie though!

  14. I thought that was a pic of Pat.

    j/k  - Sorry Pat

  15. She's got a freakin' 5 o'clock shadow!

  16. OMG!! That is one sexy biotch!! Someone might one to tell her to try and cover up that adams apple wit hsome more makeup. LOL!!

  17. Reminds me I need new razors.

  18. Whoa Nelly!

    She's either clean and nature has been inordinantly cruel or she's a long term roid head.

    Either way she's the new poster-child for the Andro Ban.

  19. call her a child again she might kick your ass, respect the adams apple!

  20. She was a pro cyclist.

    Cyclist are some of the most heavily drugged individuals on the planet, yet they are the most heavily drugged tested with life time bans. The punishment they put on there body is unbelievable. If you could see some of the calorie expenditures of a cyclist you would be amazed.
    They may not look it b/c they are so litte, but make no mistake they are all extrmely lean and strong in the legs.

  21. During the Tour De France I read somewhere that Lance Armstrong can loose like 11 pounds in one day.

  22. 1. Cyclist very well might have strong legs ,be in great shape, and put a great deal of stress on their bodies..............all I know is those turtle looking mother ****ers are really annoying when you're driving. They peddle in the middle of the friggin road and it's never just one. I almost moed down 5 or 6 of them once when I turned a corner. It was a good thing I wasn't speading that day.For some reason they don't seem to realize that they are on a bicycle not in a car.
    2. Tammy Thomas is a piece of ass. ( I think she was my high school gym teacher)
    3. Whould she or would she not say" take it all bitch" if you were having sex with her?
    4. Who is hotter Tammy or Nicole Bass?

  23. LMFAO he/she looks like a transvestite. They better leave him/her in San Francisco LOL.

    BTW, I think this is more about associating Pat with Andro and criminal activity. They may want the misinformed public to believe that 1-AD is a designer roid made by Pat, which many people will believe if the media spins this.

  24. looks a bit like paul mcartney...

  25. I'd hit it!


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