Dbol dosage question

  1. Dbol dosage question

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to see how I should space out the dosage for 40mg dbol a day and if so, what results would I see with the different dosages?

  2. dbol only?

    the highest i ran dbol was 30mg and i took it all 30min- 1hour preworkout

  3. 40mg 1hr before gym,or 20mg 1hr before followed by 20mg 4hrs later.

  4. what are you running as an AI with that?

  5. I have a bottle of Arimadex handy if i see any sides. Should I use the Clomid I bought for pct in conjunction.

    btw I am doing a cycle of Dbol 30-40mg
    500 test c week
    500 eq week

  6. Brother, you need to divide the dose around the day, right? Dbol's half-life is around 4-8 hours, so you need to run it at least 3 times per day. As you are running 40mg, you can take it 4 times per day, 10mg each 6 hours. It will help you to keep the dbol's blood level more steady.

  7. keep bulking is right on the money.

    divide the dosages!
    it's more anabolic and will produce better gains due to more consistant levels of the hormone in your bloodstream.

  8. I just finished an 8 week cycle. I started with 10mg split to am/pm. then every week i added 10 mg peaking at 50mg before weening off. with nolvadex and clomid for pct. worked well (gained 18lbs solid) although i'm 100% sure this is nowhere near the best cycle for just Dbol.

  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^

    nothing wrong with that d-bol only cycle

    i wouldn't take it at night it will effect your sleep..

    i go 10 in the mourn 20 at lunch and 20 arvo.

  10. I have awkward sleep habits anyway so that wasnt much of a concern.


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