Looking for some help and guidance

  1. Looking for some help and guidance

    Hey There,

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I've been in the game for about 7 years. I started off with 1ad+4ad transdermal spray way back when it was still legal before the pro hormone ban in 2004. I've done 0.25mg x Bodyweight in anavar, and it worked very well, I've also done the same for Winstrol. I've been 100% supplement free now for about 2 years, nothing in the ways of supplements besides multi vitamins and fish oil.

    I stopped all gear because im pre-disposed to MPB and my hair was thinning. I've been on a pretty good regime in terms of keeping my thinning at bay, and I was looking for some input on what gear would have the least negative DHT impact. I am very very concerned about my hair thinning, and I know Anavar and Primo (Methenolone) are the easiest on the hair line...

    Does anyone have any suggestions on some gear I could see some moderate slow and steady gains on?

    Much appreciated.

  2. I can tell you not to mess with SUS500 by G.E.T.. I had pretty good gains on a 6 week cycle, but I was shedding some serious hair. I wouldn't think Im prone to MPB and haven't ever noticed hair falling out before, but with that stuff it was coming out left and right.

  3. Wink

    take a look at our product called(toco-8)...click on my link(primordial performance)..
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  4. bslick when did u snag the PP promoter job? thats awesome man.

    OP, just stick to what u KNOW and how it affects YOU. primo will probably be ur best bet here

  5. bslick,
    I've been interested in alot of your products, but I live in Canada, and hardly any of them can cross the border

  6. canada eh!..LOL..i see,okie dokie!..nos has just passed on to you some great advice bro!..stick to what you know!..
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  7. Will you guys ever get your 1T into canada? Id be willing to pay a premium to get my hands on some

  8. Quote Originally Posted by chasingsize View Post
    Will you guys ever get your 1T into canada? Id be willing to pay a premium to get my hands on some
    NP can usually ship it across the border without any problems. You can pick it up http://www.nutraplanet.com/manufactu...l-performance/ .

  9. is HAVOC considered a PH? Is there any reports of hairloss?


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