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  1. Thumbs up KJ's NEW X-Mass Log (Sponsored)

    This log wil officially start tommorrow. Due to a scheduling conflict I missed today's workout. Will Post all relavant info tommorrow to include stats, proposed dosing scheme.....etc. Another thanks to the guys @ Generic Labz for picking me to test this. I have never used this compound before for no particular reason. Should exciting. I did however use Revolt which was a clone to the original X-Mass. I will compare the two. Here are some pics they are all cold and not flexed:

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  2. what are u running? what cycles have you done in the past?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by angel77 View Post
    what are u running? what cycles have you done in the past?

    X-mass by Generic Labz.

    kj i'll be keeping an eye on this log

  4. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    X-mass by Generic Labz.

    kj i'll be keeping an eye on this log
    Appreciate it. Ill do the best I can to update everyday but I'll at least update 3-5 times per week. I am going to run this @ maintenace calories to see if I can recomp on this. Right now I am looking to run dosing as follows:

    week 1: 80 mg 40 PWO and 40 6 hrs later
    week 2 : 120mgs (depending on sides) 80 PWO and 40 6 hrs later
    week 3 - 5: same as week 2 dependant on sides.

    Got Cycle suppport and PCT will include"
    Post cycle support

    Cycle exprience is broad: SD, Halodrol, Epi, Furaz, Propadrol, Revolt, Winztrol.
    Also Test Cyp, Winny, and Deca.

    More tommorrow...
  5. Thumbs up Day 1: Officially

    Just got back from a pretty nice chest workout. My schedule is off because of missing yesterday but I'll just carry through Saturday instead. Overall I think the BCAA-EE definetly helped with endurance today. It was up quite a bit over any of my last few workouts. Took two cap PWO and then 4 after with my shake. Heres how the weights went:

    Flat Bench: 135 x 15 WU
    225 X 12
    315 x 8
    275 x 12

    ** I am still nursing tendonitis in my left wrist so that is why the weights vary so much. I use pain as a guide. It only hurts doing flat bench for whatever reason.

    Pec Deck: 195 x 12 x 3

    Cable Xovers: 75 x 12 x 4

    Dips: 3 x 12 (BW)

    BTW: Weight as of this morning: 230

    Nothing too impressive I know but I had a stomach flu a couple of weeks back that kept me on the toilet and out of the gym for over a week. Lots quite a bit back then but it slowly coming back. Looking forward to the boost in strength here and its seeming ability to help shed some fat. Till tommorrow.....

  6. Pics added above: I bulked up a bit from my last set of pics. Like I said I am looking to recomp here and drop some BF. And like I said all the pics are cold and unflexed. What BF% do you guys think I am around. If I flex I can see my upper 4 abs. My avatar pic is obviously flexed.

  7. i am intersted in your log I ordered the new x-mass compound and am curious about it I heard it ws trenxtreme but now I hear its more of a wet comound good luck.

  8. I was just looking at your numbers thats some pretty decent benching.

  9. I would guess your bf is 14-16% that going from 15% down to 11or10 makes a huge change in someones apperance.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by chess315 View Post
    I was just looking at your numbers thats some pretty decent benching.
    Appreciate that but 18 months ago my Max Bench was 425....now I'd be lucky to push 400. As far as BF goes I was guessing around the same. After this cycle depending on how the recomp goes I will continue through to summer like that. If I dont see the improvement I am looking for I will just cut slowly until summer.

  11. So I just had an epiphany and @ 230 lbs with my cycle experience I am going all in @ 120mgs per day for all 4 weeks. I will drop down if the sides become too much for me. I see no reason to pvssy foot around with this.

  12. Is there anyone out there that has run this compound over 100 mgs per day? I read a log where the guy ran dienedrone @ 150mgs per day and had bad sides but that 30 more mgs than I will be running so Ill be interested to see if I have sides at all. i know BP is usually an issue but I have an RX to combat that. I also heard shin pumps got bad @ 150 but were not present @ 100 so I am hoping 120 is within the threshhold. If anyone has any experience with this compound @ high dosage please chime in.
  13. Talking Back Day!

    Decent workout this morning. Dosed 80mgs PWO with 2 caps of the BCAA-EE. Good endurance but nothing special to report. Lifts were as follows:

    T-bar "machine":
    60 x 16
    105 x 12
    150 x 10
    150 x 8

    Chins: 5 reps dead hang 4 sets

    Seated Close Grip Rows:
    195 x 12
    210 x 12
    225 x 10

    Bent Over BB Rows:
    135 x 10
    185 x 10
    205 x 9

    Back Extensions
    3 sets 10 body weight only

    You'll notice I did not do deads. At the advice of my doctor I am taking a month off. I have some disc problems in my lumbar and they are trying to reduce swelling in the area. I promised him 1 month. Thats all their getting out of me. I love deads.
    After the Wokout 4 caps BCAA with my shake which contains 48g WPI 60g WMS 7 grams glutamine. Still looking for a log of someone who dosed in this range to see the sides they got. So far I feel good so tommorrow is LEGS!

  14. For any GL reps following this.... are my suggested dosages for the BCAA-EE what you would reccomend? 2 caps prior and 4 caps Post workout? Also the same question with the XMass... 2 prior and 1 cap 6 hours later?

  15. There is a 260lber on BB'ing.com who ran Dienedrone at 200mg's for about a week or a bit longer. He said he had no sides and the strength was awesome. He's bigger then your average user obviously.
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    There is a 260lber on BB'ing.com who ran Dienedrone at 200mg's for about a week or a bit longer. He said he had no sides and the strength was awesome. He's bigger then your average user obviously.
    Thats good news to me. I figured @ 230 I wouldnt be too far off running this @ 120mgs.....hell it may be a perfect dose. I will not run it any higher so I am hoping this will hit the sweet spot for me. Epi @ 50mgs is the threshhold for me as far as sides go. Cardio goes out the window at that point though. I got back pumps just driving sometimes...but the strength gains and dry mass gains I got were unparrelled. Hoping for the strength gains and hoping for a couple of lean pounds as well with this compound.

  17. I'm curous to see how this kicks in I cant find out anything about the compound either of the stuff I find people get a every kind of result you can imagin so that doesnt tell me anything but you seem like you are at least eating and training right. And have good knowledge of similar compounds.

  18. Of the few logs on this stuff and the few friends that took tren extreme all had amazing results so that is what I am pulling for.
  19. Talking Light Leg Day

    To much of your dissapointment Squats were also put on hold for the month. This does not bother me nearly as much as the deads because honestly I hate squats. They are however a necessary evil but not for this month. Not a lot of time this morning so the workout was short and sweet. Heres the numbers.

    Leg Extension:
    130 x 16
    190 x 12
    220 x 12 x 2

    Uni lateral Leg Curls:
    45 x 12 x 3

    Calf Raises:
    230 x 12 x 4

    Leg Press:
    385 x 12
    475 x 12 x 2

    Thats it. Quick short and easy. I have noticed that I am defientely retaining glycogen as the scale is up 3-4 lbs already and I feel very FULL all day, almost like a small pump. I truly believe the BCAA is helping with my endurance. Shoulders are on the menu for tommorrow.

  20. Here shortly I will be ordering some USP JACKED! As of right now I am not using a PWO stim other than a cup of coffee occasionally. I was using bulk caffiene tabs but nutra has been out of them forever. So jacked it is. The price is right and the feedback is good. I also ran out of Kre-Alkalyn which nutra is still sold out of as well so I tihnk Ill be picking up some bulk Creatine Mono. I ahvent use that stuff since I was in my teens. Hope it doesnt give me too much bloat because it didnt then.

  21. When are you taking the bcaa's? Intra?
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    When are you taking the bcaa's? Intra?
    Nope...taking 2 caps of BCAA-EE (the GL supp) prior and 4 caps post workout with my shake.
    Every 4 caps contains: 3.9g BCAA EE
    1.8g Leucine EE
    900mg IsoLuciene EE
    900mg Valine EE

    So @ 6 caps per day I am getting almost 6g of BCAA EE.
    Considering the higher Bio Availability of Ethyl Esters I can imagine that this is much more efficient than the 20g of amino acids I use to take daily.

  23. Hey, I finally made it over to your log. Looking good! My workouts are going to be on hold for another week due to work. Good question on the BCAA dosing. Oh, and Jacked is no joke!! I got two of them when they came out & friggin' love the stuff!
  24. Talking Shoulders....feeling good

    Still feel real pumped today. Shoulder workout was a breeze. Not posting numbers because I left my book in the car and was way too lazy to get it. SO far no sides to speak of except a little bit of interrupted sleep but that could be cause by many things Anyway, got Arms tommorrow and then a day off finally. Will update weight and all that stuff on Monday.

  25. Quick Update: Sorry for the lack of posts. Had a real busy weekend and am driving 3 hours to see Slipknot tonight and then driving back right after. No gym today but will go late tommorrow. I've been waiting to see these guys in concert for years.


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