IP Oral Tren and Cyclo test susp??

  1. Question IP Oral Tren and Cyclo test susp??

    NEW -> Methyl Trenbolone 5mg-pink-take a tab every 5

    SALE: Testasterone Suspension 20mg tablet absorbed
    sublingualy by
    expedients,doNOT swallow,break w/teeth,push under
    tongue till desolve-Notliver
    toxic,take a tab every 2-3hrs-

    Sounds like BS to me, but I wanted to see if anyone else had any thoughts on this.

  2. Methyl tren is toxic as HELL from what I have read, and yet is supposed to be the most powerful AAS ever made. Sorry, I had a long chat with my liver, and we decided we would pass on this one.

    Test susp tabs have been used by a few on other boards with pretty unsatisfactory results.

    Really, if your gonna do it, it has to be trans or iject. Oral onlys just do not cut it.

  3. Stay away from the methyl tren. You can get good results without sacrificing your health.

  4. Might as well heavy dose some Halo and Anadrol together

  5. I hope you enjoy your liver now

    Hehe hey pogue if i were you i would try a higher rep, faster tempo, lower rest period scheme, youll grow a lot off that. Throw in a fina transdermal and that will be PLENTY.

    I feel that AE's rep scheme for MAXIMUM hypertrophy sucks for people like me who require higher reps and more volume.

  6. I wasn't planning on buying either, but I was just curious.

    I think you're right PJ. I'm going to redo my workout and diet and I think I'm going to run a transdermal fina/test & dbol cycle for 4 weeks and see how it works out.

  7. How are you gonna do dbol ?? Got a source already?

    Ill let you know in about 2 months how higher reps, lower rests go, and with increased frequency of training of arms, back,neck, chest, and shoulders( 2 times a week dirctly ). Just gonna do fina transdermal only at about 233 mg a day with the ph gel w/dmso

  8. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    Might as well heavy dose some Halo and Anadrol together
    YJ, from what i understand that would be like popping pez compared to this ****.

  9. Could you convert those subliguals into an injectable in oil?

    I have used them as a base test for a mild 6 week cycle and they were ok, but I had to put 2 in my mouth every 2 hours 7 times a day to feel the test. It is kind of hard to take that taste all the time. I'd rather convert it if it is possible. I was thinking of using BA and BB along with oil to convet it. What do you think?


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