Cruise and break in cycle

  1. Cruise and break in cycle

    Bros's I am starting a cycle of test cyp, and tren, and needed some advice about a break in the cycle. At the end of January 04, my Girl booked a 7 day cruise (the buffetts will help with the bulking up!)

    But for those 7 days I wont be near a drop of tren, or test prop, I dont want to mess around with sneaking it on board either, what is the best route to take???

    Would a 7 day break in the cycle matter that much? Or should I stop before we leave, take PCT and then jump back on after the cruise??

    ANy suggestions/thoughts??

  2. seven days is a lot bro. especially seeing that you're taking and EOD injection. I would no doubt take a PCT and hit back up another solid cycle weeks later. I mean, you are just starting up this current cycle which leads me to think you will only be getting 4-5 weeks from this first time through. If brining it with you is out of the question, i would suck it up, hit post cycle, and be ready for another in the following months. Just too bad you wont be seeing the results you would have gotten from a lengthy run

  3. I think I will wait for the tren and test prop cycle...I am just using some 1-test-cyp and I will stick on that until a bit b 4 the cruise, then after the cruise, i will jump on the other cycle when I return...

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