why dont people use clomid for PST while using M1t?

  1. why dont people use clomid for PST while using M1t?

    Seems like everyone prefers Nolva... why?

  2. Personally, I just don't like the way clomid makes me feel. I get moody and sensitive on clomid.

  3. Nolva is superior. Clomid can cause permanant vision problems. Clomid caused gyno for me (yes, I'm weird). Clomid makes some people overly emotional.

    Try this link:

  4. Plus Nolva is more versatile. You can take it during a cycle for gyno treatment/prevention. So you only have to source one thing.

  5. Clomid makes me a whiny biotch, even more than normal.

    But I shoot loads like Peter North when I've used it...

  6. I am taking clomid for the 1st time for PCT. Been on it 3 days, & it greatly affects my moods. I act like a dick & get mad at everything. I definitely notice a difference about an hour after I take it. It's almost like roid rage at times.

    I'm also getting zits too. I got very few on M1t, but now have 3-4 juicy ones from the Clomid. Liquid Clomid is $25 most places vs $40 for Nolva, that the only reason I even tried it.

    I've had great results with nolva, & no moodiness or acne. I know others who have no problems with it, but I will never buy clomid again.


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