Whats the real deal with Masterdrol V2??

  1. Whats the real deal with Masterdrol V2??

    I see this Masterdrol V2 is being compared to Anavar. Seems to have mild gains with good strength gains and is obviously pretty dry. I havent seen much talk about it from anyone other than LG reps

    Anyone ran it solo or stacked it??

    Maybe it would be good with something wet like PP or maybe stacked with another mild wet compound like Prop or Max LMG. Any thoughts??

  2. i wouldnt run var or mmv2....especially mmv2

  3. i ran it solo i needed 5 caps a day but at 5 caps a day it was quite nice hardening and strength wise your not going to see any mass on it so don't expect that

  4. Do not waste your money. I tried it and it was bunk.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Hardball View Post
    Do not waste your money. I tried it and it was bunk.
    sorry it didn't work for you how many tabs were you taking your pretty big so it might of needed more for you.

  6. IMO Masterdrol v2 is nothing special, little bit of hardening and some strength gains but mostly just made you hot the more you took, even in the first few reps in the gym. Plus it's a lot more expensive than "comparable" substances and twice the price of a lot of ph alternatives. Plus if I took my black powder pre workout I experienced mild palpitaions...


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