1. epistane?

    better results at 4 or 5 weeks?
    and should i do 20/30/30/40
    or 30/30/30/40

  2. for better responses provide your stats... age\diet\how long been lifting....
    I dont mean to come across as a smart ass but try to use the search feature and do some research on your own... there's plenty on threads on this board that covers epistane.

  3. i understand man..
    age 23
    body fat 13%
    weight 196
    height 5'9

    i need help just with the 4 or 5 week part
    i mean would 4 weeks at 20/30/30/40 be better then a 5 week at

  4. from what ive read dosing at 20 doesnt do a whole lot, im running a 5 week and im only doing 20 for the first week, then up to 30 for 2 then 40. im not sure about the time frame though, whether 4or 5 is better is up to u.

  5. yeh i think i will do something like

    day 1-3 20mg
    day 3-21 30mg
    21-28- 40mg

  6. you'll be better server by doing the 20/30/30/40 plan, like faaipdeoiad said running it at 20 you'll not feel much on that first week anyhow, most protocols run a 4 week cycle.
    make sure you have your PCT nailed down and a SERM on hand in case you get any gyno or shutdown.


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