Should I start the nolva

  1. Should I start the nolva

    Been on cycle for two weeks now, my nips are a little on the tender side. No lumps are any disformation just tender. Never had my nips tender before like this so it does worry me some. Also Im taking .5ml of Letrozol ED. My cycle is a tren/prop mix.

  2. the letro wouldnt do too much for puffy nips. i would take 10-20 mgs for a few days and see how you react to it. Only two weeks in and going heavy nolva therapy seems unncessary at this stage. Although, once you have gyno, really only surgery is the one sure way out. 20mg/day for a few days ..... I took 10mg a day throughotu my entire cycle

  3. Make sure it is not in your head. If you play with or feel your nipples ed then they are gong to be sensitive.

    I dated a girl once who was obsessed with my nips, they were sore ed b/c of her. Then i started a cycle and had no clue what was causing the soreness.

  4. No not in my head, theyre on my chest. JK.
    Actually they're not puffy either I'm taking pics throughout this cycle and they dont look any puffier than before. I do have gyno paranoia though so I started the nolva anyway, I figure better safe than fighting with my wife over who gets the good bra for the day.
    thanks for all replies

  5. I am actually wondering if that is my problem..mine have just started to feel weird today also, but I have been rubbing them to see if theres anything doing under there that shouldn't be I am think maybe I should leave them alone lol....

    it seems to only be my right pec


  6. The more you rub them the worse the sensitivity is going to get.

  7. yeah i know...I have since started wearing padded bra..


  8. fwiw, I've heard that there can be an estrogen rebound after stopping Nolva, so some say if you start it you should continue it through the entire cycle and post cycle.

  9. stop the nolva...just run the letro at the right dose......just a small increase
  10. AlexParty
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    I would run the nolva to be safe, better safe than sorry :0


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