Taking M-1-T at night

  1. Taking M-1-T at night

    Does anyone have any idea of advantages to taking M-1-T at night right before going to bed? I was wondering if this may help defeat lethargy any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. Yes users have reported it helping with lethargy. Of course if you are like me insomnia strikes and definitely no lethargy. Do some searching around and you will find it has been discussed quite excessively.

  3. I take mine about 2 hours before bed in hopes that I will get lethargic. I too am an insomniac, so it really doesnt help me. It works ideally that way for many though.

  4. Nothing to add to the thread, but I really like your avatar drei

  5. Nothing to add to the thread, but I really like your avatar drei

  6. I ran my 1st 2 weeker doing 5mg in the am and 5mg right before bed, this next cyle I am starting on monday I am doing 10mg before bed, in HOPES that it will help legarthy, because the 1st cycle I wanted to fall asleep everytime I sit down at work........it sucked, I did sleep well at night, so I am hoping this works

  7. a lot of people are reporting lethargy on 10 mg, but getting over it when they bump to 20 mg. i ran a 2 wk cycle at 20 mg w/o any lethargy. had a loss of appetite about day 12, but it just lasted for 1 day. then came right back.

  8. Ditto, for that avatar.

  9. Yo. your avatar's got a nice trunk!! off the chizzy my nizzy!!


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