Do steroids and D/S effect mental health?

  1. Do steroids and D/S effect mental health?

    hey I was wondering this because a friend of mine used to do test e cycles and in the last 5 years he has changed to a totally diff person. He has alot of problems with alcohol and depression and he is verry weird to me now but growing up with him he was a normal guy. after my spawn cycle i started to notice my attitude was changing. deperession and some days i would be in a verry crappy mood all day long for no reason. now i get extremely angry at things that end up being nothing at all. I was just wondering if theirs any connection.

  2. Have you had your test levels checked recently? what did your post cycle look like? Maybe you and your friend simply never fully recovered. Low test can certainly cause the symptoms you describe.

  3. no my test lvls havent been tested. for pct i used clomifen 75mg first 2 days then 50/50/25/25 and used stoked! starting the second week

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