1,4-andro - Oral vs Transdermal

  1. 1,4-andro - Oral vs Transdermal

    I know most people will say that when using 1,4-andro you should just go for oral. But wouldn't transdermal delivery offer increased stability of the 1,4-andro levels in your blood, which is more desirable than the inconsistant levels that oral delivery offers? I think I might toss my 1,4-andro into a dermal for my m1t/1,4-andro cycle.

  2. It will offer more of a sustained release, but is that necassarily better?

  3. I'd imagine that constant blood levels would be better.

  4. Many people feel that it's six one way, half dozen the other. The oral availability is about equal (possibly more than) the transdermal availability. If you go the oral route, I've seen advice in the past about choosing a pill/capsule/tablet that makes your dozing convenient for 3x per day for more consistent blood levels.


  5. A lot of people seem to mistake the conversion rate for the absorbtion rate. 1, 4 andro has a conversion rate of ~45%, but it doesn't have a better absorbtion rate then any other prohormone to my knoweledge. So yes its more active than other prohormones orally but only because more of it converts. So I think you should take it transdermally because you will get a higher absorbtion rate which will allow more 1,4 andro to be converted then by taking it orally.

  6. You've got it backwards Nozzi. 1,4 andro is the highest non-methylated PH out there. It's oral absorption rate is approx. 45%, but it's conversion rate to boldenone is approx. 10%


  7. My Bad!!! Your Right!!

  8. The only reason I put i wonder if more stable is better, because of recent studies, although Im not sure if you can compare, protein pulse feeding has been shown to be somewhat superior to what we normally do everyday protein wise.

  9. Originally posted by theprolangtum
    It will offer more of a sustained release, but is that necassarily better?
    There is a lot to be said for steady state delivery.

    The number of enzymes are limited in the body...and as you know each person is different so the actual number of enzymes will differ. If one were to choose transdermal delivery of 1,4 then it may decrease the time that available enzymes are saturated.

    However, if one hold the view that prohormones have intrinsic activity in the unconverted state then the above would matter very ittle.

    I am of the opinion that diols have intrinsic activity.


  10. Bryan, did you decide to use 1,4 andro transdermally? I'm thinking of doing the same.

  11. yah I'll be using it dermally


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